Ys: Memories of Celceta (PS Vita) Review – An Old School RPG for Those on the Run | COG

Looking for some “old school” RPG action for your PS Vita? This might be just what the doctor ordered.

"My first experience with any sort of RPG was with the famed Ys series. Pronounced “Eese”, the first and second games were a pack-in with NEC’s ill fated TurboDuo. It was here that I learned how to level up using magic and skills bestowed on a young Adol. I quickly fell in love with the story and graphics at the time and I spent many hours trying to get Adol to his peak. While a few incarnations and side stories of Ys have appeared on other consoles and handhelds, it wasn’t until XSeed and Falcom decided to remake them in earnest and release them in North America on the PSP that they got new exposure. Now comes an updated and somewhat re-imagined Ys IV, aptly titled Ys: Memories of Celceta, for the PS Vita, which is perfect for some on-the-go gaming."

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