Ryse: Son of Rome Review - Roman Gladiators Never Looked So Pretty | COG

Crytek weaves some tech-magic for this Xbox One exclusive game and COG steps out of the coliseum for a bit to tell you what they think.

"At E3 2013 Microsoft featured Ryse: Son of Rome as a game that would show naysayers what the Xbox One was capable of; however, the general consensus was that the game had quite a ways to go before being a must have title. Fast forward to present day, the Xbox One and Ryse are finally on store shelves and the Xbox faithful finally have a chance to see what, if any, improvements have been made since the shaky E3 showing. Having played the game in its entirety, and having played the multiplayer with a couple of friends, I have to say that although this game can be amazing at times, it's the gameplay as a whole that may have some shaking their heads."

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