Battlefield 4 (PS4) Review – DICE & EA Score a Next Gen Headshot | COG

Upgraded visuals and 63 other players to make you feel like you suck. BF4 on the PS4 is worth the wait.

"When I reviewed Battlefield 4 on the 360 back in the beginning of November I couldn’t help but notice just how far the console was being pushed to deliver gamers their first person shooter fix. Screen tears were not only evident but abundant and frame rate drops were frequent, especially when the action got a bit hectic. Luckily, with the power that the next generation of consoles can provide, these issues are largely solved. There are still a few quirks with the online and the single player story is still a cheesy suckfest but all in all the step forward was a good one. I’ve pulled the basics right from the previous review as a lot of things remain largely unchanged but I’ve made special note of the game changers that make the next gen leap a noticeable improvement."

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BlingBlaine1985d ago

Did this guy actually play the game? He never mentions the corrupt data bug or the game breaking error that crashes at the end of every good round.

Un playable but gets 8.5/10! This is where gaming media is trash.

Digital_Anomaly1985d ago

I see your point but I also think that sometimes you need to look past things like that because they are temporary. DICE isn't going to ignore the situation, they are going to fix it. Once the patches are released and everything runs smoothly the game will be fairly deserving of its score. Bringing down a score for something that will inevitably be fixed makes no sense. It's an annoyance no doubt but not a deal breaker. Don't get me wrong, it's horseshit that these things weren't figured out before hand but regardless of that fact the gameplay is still solid.