Youtube Videos & Copyright, What We Will Do

So most of you who keep up to date on news have probably heard about Youtube and content owners hitting youtuber's videos for breach of copyright and taking them down.

If you want our services, contact us, we're all more than happy to help you if you're a true human being, no business obsessed, money-grubbing thief's allowed here.

Any other sites that want their name on this page to symbolize their own support, please message me or leave a comment below and we'll form a little group of resistant fighters that can share information on which developers are good and which are evil.

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GentlemenRUs2472d ago

Youtube will end up dieing if this keeps happening... I wish someone would host a video site which is a lot better then (Todays)Youtube...

mushroomwig2472d ago

'I wish someone would host a video site which is a lot better then (Todays)Youtube...'

Problem is money, it's always money. The only people who can afford to run a site like YouTube are major companies.

GentlemenRUs2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

With the Bandwidth, Servers and storage space I can agree on but there must be better alternatives out there...

I think over the past 2 years, Google has been getting greedy...

abradley2472d ago

Though we would love that, it sort of means starting from scratch.

We first need someone who's got the skills to set up an easy to use video service, with adverts alongside that don't annoy everyone, which is also easy to use for content providers.

Unfortunately, even if we had someone or a group of people who could do this, they would most likely be susceptible to the same problems youtube is now encountering.

I think we need to stand up to these companies, yes the footage of the original game is theirs but we've also paid for our own copy of that footage and so should be able to use that footage in certain ways.

kingdip902472d ago

I dont know if calling them evil and us good is necessarily fair. This issue to me seems to be driven by the bureaucracy types on the artists and I think its more to cover their own butts from lawsuits on the youtube side.

its crap and no one likes it but im pretty sure there isnt much that can change it

abradley2472d ago

I see what you mean but this is the same soft of problem as getting rid of the physical second hand game market by force. We are all so used to being able to do something, that when it's taken away it feels like we're being wronged.

In this instance I don't agree with companies crashing the youtube service that people have come to know and love just because they don't see any of the direct profits due to advertising.

kingdip902472d ago

I agree with you completely, in regard the physical games I personally dont see them going away. Isp are trying to switch to a tiered data service meaning those who use more pay more. Digital media wasnt counting on the internet getting that much more expensive in the next couple of years. Expect disks to stick around.

as for the youtube thing... yeah it sucks but I honestly can't see an out, outside of people doing it for free instead of it being monetized

Denton562472d ago

I really hope this article gets read by as many people as possible.

It's very important that everyone who hasn't lost their damn minds to absolute greed band together, while those bastards trying to cause all the trouble are, rightfully, singled out.

abradley2472d ago

Thanks for your support.

If you know of any other youtubers who wish there names and sites to appear on our list of supporters, please let me know.

iceman6002472d ago

"Youtube Videos & Copyright, What We Will Do"

get areal job like everyone else.

Shazz2472d ago

We are always being told to be more creative! These guys have some awesome channels so that comment is just pure jealousy that they had income from doing something they loved. What is a real job anyway a jobs a job.

wolfsaviorzx2472d ago

A real job to "iceman600" is putting people down and acting like an obnoxious jerk.

Conzul2472d ago

So I suppose wine tasting isn't a real job either?
or hardware review or any feedback-based medium...

Section82472d ago Show
abradley2472d ago

I have one, I do this as a hobby that just happens to help people.

So in a sense I'm working two jobs. How about you?

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BattleTorn2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

replace youtube. we should remind them that *we* run the internet.

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