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"Many have pondered the thought of a more mature and darker Zelda. We at BootHammer have especially been thinking about this lately and feel it could be a great move. After releasing the colorful and young spirited Link from the Wind Waker remake and the innovative yet nostalgic Link Between worlds, why not follow up with a stunning highly detailed Hyrule, starring an older Link possibly showing scars from numerous adventures and battles. Imagine dungeons infused with incredible lighting and creatures that invoke a sense of fear and anticipation of facing."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1985d ago

I'm personally leaning more towards a darker-toned variety of animated cell-shading, myself.
Going for photo-realism with a Zelda title would just

Twilight Princess got it pretty good, but still not juuuuuuust right.

I'd be interested to see Nintendo try a bit of Anime-style graphics for the next one, though.
As long as they don't bury Link's tunic in assorted buckles and zippers, that is.XD

oricon1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

All the zeldas have had a "Anime" art style, just because some might not be the standard Anime style.

I hope they never go with realistic art style, I don't like realistic graphics in video games, its the main reason i could careless about the graphics chips in PS4 Xbox one and w/e, I play games because their unrealistic, the graphics for unrealistic art style on PS3 have been pretty much perfected for example Eternal Sonata, you aren't gonna see it being improved by much by new hardware.

So never want zelda to go realism route another reason i dislike games like elder scrolls because the world just looks like outside, doesn't look like a world like i would want to explore.

DarthZoolu1984d ago

You don't like realistic graphics? Art imitates life. I think games need to be even more realistic. One death, real damage and healing time. Nintendo has done everything but realistic except Metroid Prime. I we people say things like I hate cell shaded or I hate multiplayer etc... I think wow so many good games this guy or gal probably have never played. We need guidelines on the term gamer. I feel like a ton of people are calling themselves gamers that are not. My mom likes Tetris, she ain't a gamer. Gamers do things like play every game on the hardest difficulty. We think about games all day. We finish games. Playing games from time to time just means just that. Gamers live to game. We can compete in games. It might not be politically correct but your girlfriend playing 3D World and watching you play doesn't make her a gamer. Your cousin that doesn't own a console and goes 3/16 with your guest account is not a gamer. Games are the ultimate form of Entertainment to gamers. Oricon this is not directed at you.

GamersHeaven1985d ago

Darker more mature tone please.

AJBACK2FRAG1985d ago

I'm sure I'm wrong but mmorpg.

1984d ago
CrossingEden1985d ago

Considering that Zelda is at heart a lighthearted series that rarely goes into "darker" territory I prefer the wind waker/link to the past/skyward sword style. Realistic graphics get worse overtime, while stylized can look good forever, this is especially true considering that wind waker still looks better than twilight princess to this day because the textures on TP aged terribly in comparison. Skyward Sword was the perfect style for the series imo. Stylized but properly proportioned characters is a great thing.

_QQ_1985d ago

it can be dark and styled at the same time, dark=/= realistic, personally i want a darker entry, then more light hearted afterwords then so on so forth in that order.

Number-Nine1985d ago

skyward sword was hideous. the water colors blended together to make some ugly colors.

BootHammer1985d ago

I'm hoping for a very atmospheric world drenching in detail and featuring an older Link. Would be a new experience for fans of the franchise and refreshing IMO.

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The story is too old to be commented.