Father of PlayStation Finds a New Job

It seems the "Father of PlayStation" finally has new fish to fry following his abrupt departure from Sony Computer Entertainment as a consequence of the dismal PS3 launch.

Japanese reports suggest that Ken Kutaragi will be joining the board of Kadokawa Group Holdings, a parent company housing 56 affiliated studios specialising in publishing, film, visuals, cross-media and videogames.

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Bleucrunch5440d ago

This man is a genius and deserve homage to be paid to him. You Krazy Ken You! LOL

xboxftw5440d ago

"The position will be formally announced at the company's 54th annual general meeting,"

I'm thinking "janitor".

DrWan5440d ago

that would suck....if u work all your life for something and then you get turn into a janitor.

gambare5440d ago (Edited 5440d ago )

in the middle of his bullcrapness, we have to think that he's japanese, after a very stressful job he could try get a more relaxing job, after all, his bank account is huge.

juuken5440d ago

I'm thinking...that you need to shut the trap.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 15440d ago

...More INTELLIGENT than ALL the xBot Lemmings put together on this!!! ;-D

'PLAY-BEYOND...xBox 360's LIMITS!!!' ;-D

m-s-8-25440d ago

@1.4 - Exactly. I wonder what xbot does for a living, to belittle the man who was responsible for the 2 most successful consoles of all times, and one that is on its way to joining that group.

Pain5440d ago

'PLAY&WATCH-BEYOND...xBox 360's LIMITS!!!' ;-D (hehe i like that one^^)

cmrbe5440d ago

I bet MS use janitors as their x360 engineers.

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LaChance5440d ago

the guy who got fired ?

xboxftw5440d ago

Yes, the father and killer of ps brand.

Shadow Flare5440d ago

No you're thinking of Peter Moore. The guy MS hired for Xbox 360 after he made the Dreamcast crash and burn. And then he made 30% of xbox 360's crash and burn, costing MS billions of dollars. Then he got fired. Ken Kuturagi is the guy that revolutionised gaming, brought it to the mainstream and more adult audience and hence sold millions and millions of consoles, won 2 console wars and destroyed all the competition. He's also the guy who has created the best home console in the world. It's called the PlayStation 3 and it's outselling Xbox 360 every month. Don't get your people mixed up

Iron Man 25440d ago (Edited 5440d ago )

Shadow Flare just owned you Xtards hardcore!

Ken K. is one of the greatest minds in the history of the universe,if it wasn't for him,none of us would ever experience the most advanced gaming consoles that are PLAYSTATION®,it's the best thing followed by sex!

And yes Shadow,Peter Moore f*cked us all up here at Micro$haft!;)


timmyrulz5440d ago

Are we sure his new job isnt a lawyer or a politician? what other profession can you tell lies and bullsh1t and have the masses believing you?

xboxftw5440d ago

He can create his own religion and all these droids will convert to Kenisim.

LordZ5440d ago

I loved my ps1 and ps2, and now i love my ps3.
Thanks Kuratagi for making of the ps3 a powerfull machine.

I wish you the best of luck in everything you do.

George Washington5440d ago

thats odd.. cause i LOVE my ps1 and ps2.. but i think the ps3 is complete crap.

3005440d ago (Edited 5440d ago )

Wow thats odd, kindrid spirits or something.. cause i like my ps1, ps2 and and ps3.. but i think the 360 is complete crap. LOL, its a funny old world.

PS. anyone can act like a fanboy and say stupid things, stop trolling fanboy.

In line with the article, I wish Kutaragi San the best for the future.

prunchess5440d ago

Ken set his sights very high with the PS3 and Sony will only begin to see He was right to aim so high by the end of this year.

The man got the bullet due to bad PR and Sony's stock price.

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