Is the Wii U in Trouble?

From the article - Despite being released just last year the Wii U has seen some harsh sale records, and now with the sales of the PS4 and Xbox One exceeding expectations many are wondering if the Wii U is in trouble.

Can Nintendo compete with Sony and Microsoft?

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TotallyNotGlenn1991d ago

"Nintendo’s most valuable customer, the casual gamer, doesn’t seem interested in the Wii U anymore. This is because they’ve moved to new platforms such as tablets and smartphones."

Not true. The casual gamer doesn't seem interested in the Wii U because Nintendo did a crappy job marketing it, and also attempted to gain recognition as a "hardcore" console. Smartphones and tablets have little to do with it, especially considering many of those casual gamers ended up buying a Wii while smartphones and tablets were still on the rise.

-Mika-1991d ago

They been advertising it like crazy this holiday. I swear when im watching tv, im always seeing that just dance ad showing off the wiiU or that super mario commercial. So they have been doing alot of advertising and it still not selling. So that proves that the casuals just aren't interested.

Neonridr1991d ago

pretty sure the sales of the Wii U have gone up quite a bit the last couple of months.

Heck, even in Japan the Wii U is starting to sell now.

TotallyNotGlenn1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Actually, that doesn't prove anything at this point.

You also have to consider the public perception of the device. Nowadays it's sort of the joke of the console gaming industry. I happen to have played it and it's quite good as an evolution of the original Wii, but right now most gamers consider it a waste of time. It's "the thing" to dislike it, like Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus. With the original Wii, EVERYONE bought one, whether a very active gamer or a casual gamer or even a non-gamer. Now, hardcore gamers are not interested. Until now, some casual gamers didn't even know what Wii U was, which is Nintendo's fault for not being clear in their marketing. Once you have momentum going downward, it's hard to climb back upward.

If you don't believe me, look at what you yourself just did. You assumed it isn't selling. Your perception of it is affected by this as well, not through any fault of your own. Nintendo just hasn't done anything yet to get the console out there. The games people anticipate are not out yet, and with PS4 and Xbox One freshly released and HIGHLY popular, their advertising does little but try to keep them relevant.

The truth is that Neonridr is also right; sales for Wii U consoles have not skyrocketed, but the consoles have still been selling.

starfox0791990d ago

WiiU is on the up 50,000 sold this week in japan a huge increase over previous weeks and its selling better in all regions...

Ittoryu1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

The Wii U is not selling better in each region in fact the Wii out sold the Wii U this holiday season so far. Nintendo's biggest problem has been marketing and the damn name who the hell thought the Wii U was a good idea?? Casuals don't read gaming news so most don't see a need to buy a new 300$ console when the Wii is just fine. Nintendo tried to gain recognition as a "hardcore" console???? When the hell did that happen?? All they did was release an adult game at launch ZombieU which sold so poorly the dev isn't making anymore games for the Wii U. Nintendo and hardcore in a sentence together is just making my brain hurt.

Starfox-50,000 units is nothing man they needed to sell in the hundreds of thousands range.

TotallyNotGlenn1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

I'm out of bubbles after this, but what I think you should remember is that Nintendo's goal right now canNOT be to compete with PS4 or Xbox. Nintendo's recovering from a failure. Competing with two wildly popular devices that just sold a fourth of what Nintendo sold in a year EACH in just a couple days is not a smart short-term goal.

I think the fact that it's selling right now in the first place is very good news to them, and they want to keep that going. Nintendo is still recognized as one of the big three (especially when you consider the 3DS), which is why everyone's making such a big deal right now about the Wii U going down compared to, for instance, the Ouya. Staying relevant and selling consoles should be their goal, and there have been improvements in both of those areas. The sales might not be massive right now but they are there, and there is still some third-party support and some well-anticipated first party games (e.g. Smash Bros) on the way, so they have something to hold onto while they try to turn this around.

Both Sony and Microsoft have been at very low points where they needed to turn things around, and both succeeded. Nintendo can do it too. They're not doing so hot right now, but don't count it out just yet. There is plenty of time for it to find its bearings.

stuna11991d ago

Yes they are in trouble! Anyone thinkink otherwise are fooling themselves. The PS4 and Xbox1 have sold half of the WII U lifetime numbers in under a month!

LOL_WUT1990d ago

In under a month! That really says a lot about their system even after dropping the price ;)

deafdani1990d ago

You know Nintendo sold the vast majority of its Wii U lifetime sales (as of now) in their first month of launch, right?

R00bot1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Yes, deafdani is correct.
I think the Wii U sold 400 thousand on its first day, and around three million by the end of its first month.

MsmackyM1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

The Wii U is fine and the only reason Nintendo doom articles are so popular is because everyone likes to take jabs at the champ.

It's no surprise that the PS4 and Xbox One had a successful launch, and frankly I'm happy with their success. Will they be able to maintain their momentum? Who knows from the looks of the sales charts the PS3 and 360 had a really good holiday sales season as well. With so many people still buying into the last gen, how many new buyers outside of the most hardcore fan are going to be looking to buy PS4s and Xbox Ones after launch hype.

The Wii U sales are on a steady climb as software is released. And it seems the Wii U is catching it's stride. Also 2014 is going to bring a steady stream of content that's only available on the Wii U. Trying to make claims the Wii U is failing this early is like walking out of a concert before the headliner even begins to play.

stuna11990d ago

The champs at what? Recycling 25 year old franchises by slapping a fresh coat of paint on them? Or relying on gimmicks to sell your brand? Or is it becoming proficient at continuously trying to sell underpowered hardware just so they can say they're making a profit. You see Nintendo lucked up on the "Pot of Gold" which was the WII! And what I mean about luck is, Nintendo in their wildest dreams never expected the casual crowd to jump into the motiom control craze like they did! That is what sold the WII.

This is also why the WII U is selling so poorly, because for some unexplainable reason people think the WII's fanbase is made up of 100 million core gamers, which it is not! Not even close. On top of that they expect that same fanbase to migrate over to the WII U , which it won't.

NYC_Gamer1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Wii U doesn't need to outsell PS4/X1 to be successful...The PS3/360 were successful consoles and neither of them outsold the original Wii..I still believe Nintendo should hire some new leadership / create fresh franchises that could appeal to the non hardcore Ninty crowd.

Ittoryu1990d ago

Your ignoring the fact the Wii numbers were so high because of the influx of casual gamers and new customers Nintendo was attracting from the tablet and cell market. This time that isn't happening, their not in trouble because they have butt loads of money because of their handheld devices.

ThePsychoGamer1991d ago

"Can Nintendo compete with Sony and Microsoft?"

No, they can't, you see Sony and Microsoft and Sony know acting like a tyrant will only serve to piss gamers and third party developers, and when you piss off gamers and third party developers, they stop supporting you.

While Nintendo is damaging its reputation even more by ignoring the request there community is making, Microsoft and Sony are listening to third parties and gamers on how to improve their system.

Unless Nintendo adopts similar policies on the way they treat consumers and devs, or they strike another fad, there is no way the can compete

starfox0791990d ago

Talking rubbish have u forgot the FACTS wiiu has the best games now and for next year so these so called relationships Sony/Microsoft have with 3rd partys isnt working,WiiU will have lots of these Bayonetta2 exclusive type games which are superior to most multiplat if not all 3rd party titles...

Majin-vegeta1990d ago

*wiiu has the best games now and for next year*

Lol are you a time traveler or something?Cuz according to you you already know all games that will be released next year on all systems.

ErryK1990d ago

"superior to most multiplat if not all 3rd party titles" Don't make me laugh.

Ittoryu1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

The Wii U has no games I'm interested, so I think their games are kiddie based wastes of time but that's my OP. Also the term "best games" is subjective not fact.

wolokowoh1990d ago

Now yes. It's had a year they didn't use very well but because of this year Wii U has better games than the launch lineups of the other two. Next year maybe. Nintendo's lineup is obviously going to be amazing but is having a handful of amazing Wii U exclusive titles(Bayonetta 2 Smash Bros, presumably a bit of unannounced stuff)additions to to eshop/Virtual consoles, and a few inferior versions of Ubisoft titles(Watch Dogs) better than having a plethora of multiplatform titles in addition to what appear to be decent to great linups for exclusives. I'd imagine Quantum Break is Microsoft big exclusive for 2014(Although Halo may be in the works) and Sony almost always has one or more great games(Infamous, The Order, DriveClub, several indies) and that's just what they have announced. Unless Sony plans to bankrupt consumers in 2015 I'd imagine we get a few more titles in 2014.

miyamoto1990d ago

You mean the "Definitive version of all your favorite games"?

starfox0791985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

So is ps4 in trouble then because mariokart wii 7 years later is outselling ps4 megabundle ????

If this isnt proof Mariokart will save wiiu the i don't know...

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BelkingOfSony1991d ago

no, just wait until super smash bros and mario kart 8 and the new zelda come out, then watch the sales explode

andibandit1990d ago

is new zelda anything like old zelda?

Yep1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

All I know is that this looks freaking fantastic:

And that's a tech demo from 2011. What's significant about this just simply being a tech demo is that the actual game usually ends up looking much better.

kazumakiriyu1990d ago

I think gamers like you are the problem with Nintendo. They have allowed Nintendo to slide by with Mario and zelda. Why cant Nintendo strive for more

Yep1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Lol, anticipating the next entry in a couple of series that always prove to be fantastic is a problem?

One shouldn't assume that gamers aren't welcome of new IPs when they show enthusiast from existing ones. We also have been getting new IPs and exclusives, most of which have turned out to be great. That being said, there's still a lot Nintendo needs to bring to the table in the games department.

ZainreFang1990d ago

Yes, you're correct. Buying and playing the great games we want is wrong. I've seen so much port begging of Mario, Zelda, and Smash Bros in the past few days that i'm not exactly convinced that people are tired of the franchises.

InTheLab1990d ago

Same thing was said about 3D World so when does it stop? Wait for 101....nothing. Wait for Pikmin...nothing. Wait for the flagship title which brings it to two full Mario titles in less than a year...nothing.

Selling under 5m in a single year is a disaster and more Mario wont save the WiiU.

Also, you and other fans seem to forget exactly why the Wii sold so well and it's not Kart, Smash, or Zelda. It was the Wii Fit and those customers still have their Wiis and Wii Fits. That ship has sailed and all that's left is to appeal to the hardcore and that wont happen thanks to N gimping the console.

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