Rumors of Sharks and Megalodon in Battlefield 4? Also Phantom Prospect Walkthrough

As far as game Easter Eggs goes, this one by DICE is pretty awesome. Rumors has been going around that there will be a shark – to be more precise a Megalodon – in the Paracel Storm map in Battlefield 4. Has anyone seen it? Not exactly, but clues has been laid down like bread crumbs by DICE regarding the existence of a shark that will make an awesome “What the f**k just happened?!” moment.

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Neonridr1986d ago

Does this apply to console versions too? Or is this just for PC?

vishmarx1986d ago

time for some sniping.lots of idiots to be found underwater from now on

SirBradders1984d ago

Bullets cant really penetrate water that well. It would be wiser to go swimming and stab them.

KwietStorm1984d ago


You go try to stab a megalodon and let me know how it works out.

SolidStoner1984d ago

If its there, clearly some one would stab that huge thing, and put in on youtube.... ohh wait, you cant use youtube anymore for gaming.. :(


KwietStorm1984d ago

I'm currently working on the dog tag assignment on PS4, so I'm guessing the whole "event" is on consoles as well.

Neonridr1984d ago

how do you click the icon like they do in the video on the PS4?

KwietStorm1984d ago

Go to battlelog on your computer to unlock the program. Then the assignment will be in game next time you play.

RAGE911983d ago

Go onto battle log> leaderboards>click on the skull on the bottom left hand corner, it comes up with code. prompts to enter password

Callediceman1984d ago

Unfortunatly the Megalodon keeps getting kicked from games and booting it to the dashboard hence why nobody has seen it yet.

boeso1984d ago

Last I heard he was at the end of his tether and considering trading BF4 in. BF5 maybe?

Str8Chaos741984d ago

@Callediceman, thanks for making me spit beer all over my keyboard. LOL.

Callediceman1984d ago

@str8Chaos74 Glad i could help lol.

paranoid19711984d ago

The Phantom Project also has links with Star Wars, and with Dice making Star Wars Battlefront?

bornsinner1984d ago

what what about the fish AI !!!

PsylentKiller1984d ago

Lol. I read it in that black kids voice from the AT&T commercial.
"What about the animals. Wha...what would they be made out of?"
I'm guessing...candy?

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The story is too old to be commented.