Media Create software sales (12/2 - 12/8)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan, including first week Gran Turismo 6 sales.

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BelkingOfSony1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Gran Turismo 6 - 204,784

Pokemon X and Y still selling loads of units, 111000 units this week and now passed 3.2 million!

Abash1989d ago

Kind of sad that new Yu-Gi-Oh! game had a small sales opening, I want it to be localized

BelkingOfSony1989d ago

i'm not sure it's going to be localised, which is a shame. yugioh is awesome, i still watch the original cartoons and yugioh gx (with that epic theme tune), and still got my yugioh cards including a first edition black luster soldier.

zalanis1989d ago

Nice to see ninty picking it up with wiiu, and over 125k between both 3ds versions, wow. Ps3, doing well also. Wonder y ppl not waiting for ps4 though.

AceofStaves1989d ago

There's not really a point in waiting for PS4 if you want to play PS3 games, since PS4 isn't backwards compatible.

zalanis1989d ago

If thts the case then yeah i agree since ps3 has a great library of games, but i must have been living under a rock,cause i thought only MS was pulling tht no backwars gig. Feel free to bring me up to speed.thnx.

mmj1989d ago

3DS is absolutely dominating the Japanese market.

deafdani1989d ago

"3DS is absolutely dominating the worldwide market."

Fixed it for you. :P

_QQ_1989d ago

Wow wiiu is doing well in japan, 50,000 units.

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