Diehard GameFAN: Disney Infinity Review

DHGF: Disney Infinity is an attempt to mash up Skylanders and Little Big Planet but it ends up being far more limiting than either of those games. Toy Box is cute, but unlocking items for it is far too random and aside from Disney branding, there isn’t a lot there to work with unless you want to put dozens of hours in to collecting stars. The figures actually don’t add anything to the game, except to act as locked on disc content. Unlike Skylanders or Pokemon Rumble U toys, they neither grow nor gain new abilities. Leveling up is a number and nothing more. The Play Set platformers range in quality from very well done (Pirates) to extremely buggy and poor done (Monsters & Incredibles). Disney Infinity ends up being an example of how to ape a popular genre but just not living up to the progenitors of the interactive figure market. This was liking playing Pit Fighter after experiencing Street Fighter 2.

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Zanzibar1062707d ago

Yeah, this is pretty much a spot-on writeup. They don't have a review score but I'd guess it would be a 5 or 6 out of 10.

Say what you will about Skylanders, but they do a nice job of making each character you buy change the way you play the core game, so it doesn't feel like a ripoff. Disney Infinity does just the opposite, where the characters pretty much feel the same, but you need to buy more figures in order to unlock more Toy Box content at the core of the game.