Keiji Inafune talks Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

Inafune goes into detail on the upcoming Ninja Gaiden spin-off.

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Keiji Inafune's Latest Mobile Game Will Shut Down After Less than a Year of Life

The former Mega Man producer's latest game, Dragon & Colonies, is going to dragon heaven.

mrmikew20181445d ago

Another failure from this whiny clown, I wonder what his excuse will be now?

Chaos_Order1443d ago

Probably that "The mobile gaming landscape is cruel and ruthless and something needs to be done!" when not long ago he would've been thinking "the mobile game market is so massive, we'll make Megabucks!"

xX1NORM1Xx1443d ago

I kinda feel bad for him at this point but he did bring it on himself with mighty number 9.

PhoenixUp1443d ago

Seems everything he touches since he left Capcom becomes filled with misfortune.

- Started work on a 3DS game called Kaio: King of Pirates that later got canceled
- Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z was a disappointing game that all but killed the Ninja Gaiden franchise
- Mighty No.9 failed to live up to the grand expectations set for it
- ReCore was very below average title that didn’t leave much of an impression
- Red Ash has fallen off the radar and the public hasn’t heard anything about its progression

All these flops from the same man who dissed Japanese developers a decade ago. He even defended Phil Fish’s harsh criticism of Japanese devs yet Inafune himself has hasn’t had any critical hits of his own since leaving Capcom.

Chaos_Order1443d ago

The "creator" *coughs violently* of Mega Man sure can't catch a break, can he?

Chaos_Order1443d ago

Which is exactly why I put the word "creator" in quotes and added *coughs violently* after it, because he has been called the creator of Mega Man many times in the past despite it not being accurate. -_- Pardon my immense subtlety.

Wasabi1442d ago


**"he didnt create mega man"***

I think that was his point.

Hint: "coughs violently"


Keiji Inafune On Making Dragon & Colonies’ Ambition Meet The Platform Needs

Level-5 Comcept’s Keiji Inafune recently sat down for an interview where he talked about how the idea for Dragon & Colonies came about, how they had to fit the needs of the smartphone crowd, and more.

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KOEI Tecmo to resurrect Ninja Gaiden Spin-off Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z

KOEI Tecmo Recently filed a trademark application for the poorly reviewed Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z.

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gangsta_red1792d ago

Wow! I seriously loved the first one. Don't know why it was reviewed poorly, it was fun as hell and the humor was great.

I seriously hope they make a sequel in the same style as the first.

isarai1792d ago

Everyone loved the concept, just gameplay wise it fell a bit flat compared to the previous games. I myself never played it but am really excited to hear they are doing another in the spinoff series. I've always had an interest in it, but just never pulled the trigger on actually buying it, might go back and actually play the first one now though.

gangsta_red1792d ago

The gameplay was very fast arcade type action that I felt was just as challenging as the regular Ninja Gaiden series.

What made the game great was the fact you played as a villain oit for revenge...from what I remember, it's been a long time. It was such a great concept going through levels trying to get revenge on Ryu.

Definitely give it a shot if you ever come across it, I don't remember the reviews for the game but I definitely had a blast when I played it.

Sm00thNinja1791d ago

Easily the worst Ninja Gaiden game.... Well maybe 3. 3 was pretty bad

Smokehouse1791d ago

I had the first on 360, the art style was awesome.

Prubar1791d ago

Finally got around to playing this one this year. I understand why it got bashed in the reviews but I still enjoyed it as a whole. The combat combos were solid and the traversal prompts looked sweet.

syphon321791d ago

Me too, but I had fun playing it, with the quirky insane combos and the hackneyed story.. It wasn't meant to be taken seriously, just enjoy whacky beat em up nonsense

Imortus_san1791d ago

Resurrect the worst Ninja Gaiden game ever, WTFF?

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