Lost Planet Xbox360 Screens

Capcom has released a slew of new images from Lost Planet.

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Sphinx4460d ago

Reason # 2,013 to own a Xbox360.

JIN KAZAMA4460d ago

it kind of looks lame to me. I wouldnt get too excited about this game either. Remeber how hyped SC:DA was, and it turned out to be pretty dissapointing. This game look okay at best. Nothing worth getting excited about.

THWIP4460d ago

...your stupidity never ceases to amaze me. :O

SC:DA is multi-platform...the PS3 version will suck as well, trust me.

Lost Planet's demo is all the proof anyone needs that this game will be awesome. It came out back in the spring, and looked/played like a AAA title even then. IMO, it's waaaay more fun than any of the RE games, or even Dead Rising.

Grown Folks Talk4460d ago

because i own every splinter cell game from the 1st to both the xbox and 360 versions of the double agent. i'm 1 of the biggest fans of the series and i wasn't dissapointed. is it perfect? no, but no other game or anything else for that matter is. it's funny because if lost planet, blue dragon, or lost odyssee were ps3 games they would be great, but since they are on the 360 they aren't.

THAMMER14460d ago

Where ever you are smile for me. Your post # 2.1 made me laugh so hard that the site leader a my job came to my desk and asked me to shut up. lol

On topic: Lost Planet will be a big game in the U.S., U.K. and Japan.

eques judicii4460d ago

there is no ps3 version of SC:DA yet announced...

THWIP4460d ago

...I was thinking about the PS2 version. :|

Oh well, Sony fans won't mind, as long as they've got MGS. ;) It's funny though, that at X06, when they announced that SC5 would be 360 exclusive, they didn't bother to mention that SC:DA wasnt' coming to the PS3 either. I suppose they didn't want to come off as TOO smug. :p

Optimus Prime4460d ago

what are you talking about. you have seen screens. unless you played the demo, this game is awsome from the demo. i cant wait, and quit hating.

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TheMART4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

Hello which choice? Seen Gears, Lost Planet... No other choice then 360

Haven't seen this quality out there on any other platform

Haha Jin ofcourse you have been expected. Anything you fear to be a threath for your beloved console is claimed to be lame.

Go watch the multiplayer ingame footage from some time ago that you could have seen.

It rocks and it's only on 360. Face it and beat it

power of Green 4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

I'll give a Opinion based on playing the game and i will say that the games "sick" and multi player will be off the hook; there's actually nothing like it on the market. You're just hating. We'll probly hear the SCDA sheeit this hole generation, it's kind of achildish remark it would be like a PS3 tittle not doing as well as expected and baseing the success of every future tittle for the PS3 on that. I wont call you an idiot because that's against the rules and down right mean. #4.1 Multi player "will be" off the hook. My opinion is not just based off the single player but from the video clips that Capcom showed. Come on, swinging around with your buddies shooting sheeit and useing Mechs and high-jacking enemy Mechs.

Donkey Slayer4460d ago

but the campaign is freaking amazing, and that is from a very old build.

I can also imagine the MP would kick ass based off the feel from the campaign.

Grown Folks Talk4460d ago

download the vid from marketplace. it shows off multiplayer. i had no interest in this game at first because i'm not a mech person. as soon as i saw the robots i tuned it out, but i tried the demo and it wasn't as bad as i thought. i'll buy it just for multiplayer.

Donkey Slayer4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

Capcom rocks!

edit: "baldsamfisher" I tried to send you a invite for your gamertag, however it said

"The gamertag you entered does not exist on Xbox Live."

Grown Folks Talk4460d ago

is it the same as your profile? my main mp tag is baldsamfisher. gears and cod3 wednesday, r6:v on the 21st. whole lotta shootin to do.

power of Green 4460d ago

You sounded missleading in response to my point (Being a smart ass impying that i played multi player or saying sense you havn't played MP how do you know)type of twisting i could be wrong though.

Donkey Slayer4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

You've got me wrong. Sorry if I wasn't clear, but I wasn't trying to be a smartass at all (not in this topic ;) )

I'm pumped as heck for this game!

Bald Sam Fisher, just sent you a message ;)

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PS360PCROCKS4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

This game is awesome and most of these are obviously multiplayer screens and if you notice in one picture theirs "lost 12" so therefore your probably lookin at 12 vs 12 online gameplay which is SWEET!