Here’s How Sony Advertises PlayStation Plus in Japan

You're probably very familiar with the trailers Sony Computer Entertainment uses to advertise PlayStation Plus in North America and Europe, but what about Japan?

If you're curious, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia just released the trailer for the December update of PlayStation Plus.

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pwnsause_returns1991d ago

this is actually pretty cool how they advertise it over there. Would rather see the US blog talk about PS+'s monthly offerings this way.

FarEastOrient1990d ago

Japan also has the largest collection of free games when it comes to PS+

DanielGearSolid1991d ago

Its so clear and easy to understand. Straight to the point. Shows the gameplay. Nothing cryptic. No wasted money on live action actors. I wish Sony would advertise like this in the US. At the end of the day ppl just wanna see the games in action

davequirky1990d ago

The "PlaystationAccess" youtube channel does this sort of stuff for the EU updates and the psn store updates, totally recommended

ZodTheRipper1990d ago

lol why did they choose a guy who pronounces it like this? :D
I'm sure Japan has tons of people who can say "Playstation" clearly

PeaSFor1990d ago

Japanese who have learned English as adults have difficulty perceiving the acoustic differences between English /r/ and /l/, even if the speakers are comfortable with conversational English.

to resume, Japanese=/=English

ZodTheRipper1990d ago

I know, that's why I asked why they choose exactly one of these people in a Playstation ad.

PeaSFor1990d ago

because it doesnt matter for japanese peoples

adis4gr1990d ago

that was interesting video