New Tales Game Reveal Coming December 12

Namco Bandai is set to reveal the next entry in the Tales franchise on December 12.

That's according to Siliconera, which reports that the announcement will be part of a NicoNico stream taking place at 7PM Japanese time. Following the stream, the teaser site will be updated as well.

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AceBlazer132790d ago

tales on ps4? that would be great, might get the rpg ball rolling

MWong2790d ago

I am going to be getting a lot of RPG's this next gen. I really cannot wait for a Tales title.

sinncross2790d ago

It is definitely a Sony console considering the devs published the info of this website on the PS JPN Community blog.

Somehow, I doubt it is the PS4 release (I think cross-gen at best which is a good way for Namco to at least help facilitate the move for fans from PS3 to PS4).

LightofDarkness2790d ago

I doubt it. They said in September that they are only just starting to investigate the next gen consoles. That's just not enough time to have anything to demo or show off right now.

Most likely this will land on 3DS or PS3. It might even land on Wii U.

Dravidian2790d ago

While I love my Wii U and will be ecstatic if it's announced for that platform, I seriously doubt it'll go that route. Symphonia chronicles didnt even get on Wii U...

3DS and PS3 seem much more likely...but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Tidybrutes2790d ago

I doubt it will be on next gen personally.

Im happy whatever platform it lands on but id geuss at PS3.

3-4-52790d ago

Really looking for an RPG to sell me on the PS4. I want one already but I'm waiting it out a few more months. I feel like I'd be impulse buying personally.

Still have a ton of Ds/3DS/PSP games to finish first.

I've yet to play a Tale of game but thinking about getting Abyss 3DS.

I've heard it usually only takes one game to get hooked on the series...wondering if that is the right one to start with.

Hoping this announcement is amazing.

Gregard2789d ago

I would start with Vesperia if you have a 360. That one is my personal favorite. Otherwise Xillia. IMO you should play one of these newer titles for your first tales game :)

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Dutchpinoy2790d ago

Please, please be revealed for the Wii U!

AceofStaves2790d ago

*fingers crossed for PS3/PS4 reveal*

DanielGearSolid2790d ago

Just tell me now motherf*****s

Blastoise2790d ago

I'd put money on it being a PS3 or 3DS game.

Would be cool if it was a Vita game though

Inception2790d ago

With all the interview from Hideo Baba, i think it will be for PS3.

Blastoise2790d ago

Just another JRPG to look forward to on PS3 if true :)

Tidybrutes2790d ago

I hope its not on Vita as if it is then Namdai wont localize it. Look at Tales of Hearts R or Tales of Innocence R, everytime they are asked if they are going to be localized they say no as the Vita insall base is too small.

At least if its on PS3 it will most likley get localized like Graces F, Xillia and Xillia 2.
(Even though id love to play a tales game on vita personally)

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The story is too old to be commented.