DayZ Standalone – new stream and updates

Rocket has held a 3:20 hour long DayZ Standalone streaming session this weekend, and we're summing it up!

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1OddWorld1986d ago

This game is such a vision of perfection. You have one goal survive like Mario if you die you start all over again. I would say that this is the only true survival game. One life creates an enormous amount of immersion. Meeting people in multiplayer is stressful, you don't know who is going to be a friend or who is going to make you fight for your life literally. Pack the Diazapam boys this game is not for the weak minded and prepare for survival at any cost.

Naga1985d ago

I love games like this - ones that step out and take risks with their key gameplay elements. If it's successful and well-received, it could change the way we game, as other developers take note and incorporate similar features.

And really, that's so much of the industry: wait and see. Games have become such massive financial investments across the board that few developers are willing to take serious risks and jeopardize their products. So it's left to the few and far in-between to take the risks and test the waters.

I think it's about time we have some real, unforgiving stress in our games. Some real risk of loss, rather than the handholding and never-fail gameplay we have seen almost universally across the board. Here's to the hopeful success of a breath of fresh air.

BABY-JEDI1985d ago

This sounds pretty awesome. I hope it comes to the PS4. The gaming experience looks as intense as Demon/dark souls
; )

GentlemenRUs1985d ago

I think they said about looking into it but for now it looks like it's on the table for later.

TheRealTedCruz1985d ago

I am grabbing this thing day one.
I don't say that about too many games.

CaptainCamper1985d ago

DayZ was fun for a short while. Then it just becomes rinse and repeat.

Survive - Find useful stuff - get shot from nowhere - repeat.

gamerheadlines1985d ago

Not getting shot is the fun part actually. Granted, the game has a steep learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes one of the greatest online experiences. It's the only game in which I've actually enjoyed sitting under a pine-tree for 3 hours with a ghillie suit on, just so I can take a shot and hit spot on at 840 meters.

Jovanian 1985d ago

I just hope this thing runs better than the DayZ mod non-standalone. If they have hopes of releasing it on a next gen console, they will have to sort out the performance

gamerheadlines1985d ago

It will run a lot better, that's why development took so long. Basically, things that were handled by individual clients (zombies, items) and that caused performance drops will now be handled server-side. There is however no indication that the game is being developed for consoles at this point.

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