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Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''Killzone: Shadow Fall has a lot of responsibility on its shoulders. It’s the biggest title in the small window of launch exclusives, and it’s also been given the job of demonstrating the power of the Playstation 4. It could arguably be the most impressive console game on the market, but is it simply a pretty face or is it a showcase for the future of first-person shooters?''

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Linko641986d ago

Will they ever make Killzone 4? i mean 3 just kinda...ended..and there's little connection between 3 and SF in terms of plot connections!

LOGICWINS1986d ago

They'll likely make a Vita game to finish Sev/Rico's story in order to give people more reasons to buy the handheld. Same with Cole. Theres a one month gap between Infamous 1 and 2 that hasn't been explored.

Pixelgate1986d ago

I'd more than down with that. Mercs was pretty good.

ColeMacGrath1986d ago

InFamous on PS Vita..... I'd kill for that!

Alex_Boro1986d ago

Have you played it yet? Without getting too much into spoilers there is a whole two hour section where you revisit a certain special place. ;)

GamerEuphoria1986d ago

The multiplayer is pretty good, just wish they had more maps and weapon choices!

joab7771986d ago

The mp is very good but its very team oriented....which I love but many just want to run and gun. I love that they take the emphasis off of k/d and leveling and focus on team play, objectives and winning. I wish they had evolves the dynamic gameplay from k3 & I am sure they will bring back many customization elements from k2...which was amazing!

The sp wasn't bad and I am glad they tried to open it up and give u more gameplay options. My only issue is that I coulda written a better story. Or keeping everything the same...made it more emotional.

NukaCola1986d ago


COD players always made KZ and BF multiplayer frustrating. I don't get why people refuse to work as one entity.

princejb1341986d ago

i would like guerilla to make a new ip
they been stuck on killzone for far to long
so far they have pretty graphics but gameplay is ok at best
reminds me of crytek

Pixelgate1986d ago

Any idea of genre etc? I like Guerrilla's art style in Killzone 2,3 and Shadow Fall...i think they could pull of cyber punk. Genre however is another thing!

shivvy241986d ago

I honesty want to see a sequel to shadow fall, it feels like theres more left

dcj05241986d ago

Killzone Mercenary has very fun gameplay.

Alex_Boro1986d ago

They are hard at work on a new unannounced IP by the 2nd team at Guerrilla Games. It will probably come out late 2014 or sometime in 2015.

1986d ago
Maxor1986d ago

Angry Joe's review of this game is spot on and GG is Sony's Crytek, good with pretty graphics but shit at crafting gameplay.

Bob Dole1986d ago

Bob Dole had over 100 hours in KZ2 multiplayer as did many others, and will probably have the same in KZ:SF. Just because you don't like it personally doesn't mean it's shit.

MidnytRain1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Okay, so he personally thinks it's shit. What's the problem?

1986d ago
Alex_Boro1986d ago

Multiplayer is actually really good in KZ. I personally prefer it over any COD game.

Bob Dole1986d ago

His statement of "shit gameplay" doesn't coincide with his statement of this 7/10 review being spot on. Shit gameplay would (should) equal a 5/10 game or less. Opinion or not if a game has bad gameplay it's not a 7/10 or better like most reviews for this game have given.

_QQ_1986d ago

same applies to crysis

MidnytRain1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Maybe he meant the criticism of the review and not the score at the end? Honestly, people default to discussions about numbers so often it's eye-rolling.

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Pixelgate1986d ago

This is Angry Joe who gave Dragon Age 2 a good review right?

OverPaperSkies1986d ago

Dragon Age is a better game.


Majin-vegeta1986d ago

Oh you mean Angrysissyjoe who played this game like it was cod and then would b*tch when he would get punished for his st*pidity?

Linko641986d ago

I recall him criticizing the lack of aim assist in multiplayer...i think that says it all

dcj05241986d ago

Yeah. It was a solid review until he started complaining about aim Assist. Aim assist is only helpful on the VITA with its limited sticks. On a full blown controller you have no excuse.

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