Why Nintendo Needs To Stay In The Hardware Business, Regardless Of The Wii U

The debate over Nintendo's future rages on thanks to the disappointing sales figures of the Wii U console which has consistently under-performed since its launch late last year.

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ritsuka6661992d ago

Nintendo is not leaving the console market anytime soon.

2muchw1nn1ng1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Nintendo does best with handhelds. There's no point in them doing consoles unless they're willing to A) actually involve 3rd parties in the development of their next gen console and drop the casual gimmicks or B) try their luck in grabbing casuals with a Wii-like gimmick.

I would rather play Nintendo games on the go over buying an overpriced $300 doorstop that doesn't do much other than a couple of 1st party games.

wonderfulmonkeyman1992d ago

Third parties had their chance when the Wii U launched.
Most of them have proven that they cannot be trusted with the Wii U's software future.

They'd be better off turning to indies for new, creative games to replace the AAA studios that have deserted them due to low sales of their first attempts at games on the consoles flopping.
Oh, and they've dropped the "casual gimmicks". The Wii U game pad is as useful to core as any normal controller is, if not moreso.

They can play both sides of the spectrum, both core and casual. They just need to bring out more games sooner and get their advertising efforts up to snuff.

mewhy321991d ago

I hate to say it but they may be better off going the way of Sega. The company has to remain profitable and the Wii U, at the moment, isn't helping in that regard. The handheld market is where it's at for them.

MsmackyM1991d ago

With the PS4 and Xbox One going with the x86 architecture, there is not going to be much to differentiate them from PC's other than they're not upgradable. Sure the Xbox One and PS4 are going to have great looking games to early on, but PC's will quickly dwarf them as time move on. No more is there hidden potential in those systems for developers to figure out that produced gems like The Last of Us and Gears of War. So all you have now is a cheap PC that you have to pay to play online with.

The Wii U on the other hand won't be weighed against a PC because of its heavy reliance on first party software, and ways to play as in it's Gamepad. The Wii U won't be challenged by PC's or the upcoming Steambox. The Wii U is the definition of a home console. The Xbox One and PS4 blur The lines.

stragomccloud1991d ago

Wow. Misinformed aren't we.
Nintendo gave 3rd parties their chance with the Wii U, and worked very hard to bring content to their system. In the end, 3rd parties produced rushed ports that looked worse than their last gen counterparts, and then complained that the games weren't selling.

People said Nintendo didn't release enough games in the first year. That's true, but that's because they were trying to leave room for 3rd parties to flourish, as they tried with the 3DS. It just didn't happen. The problem isn't Nintendo, the problem is that it seems like it's the industry versus Nintendo.

Misinformed fanboys don't help either. While the GPU isn't quite as powerful, and the system doesn't have as much ram, the Wii U is not nearly as weak compared to the PS4 as people seem to believe. In fact on the CPU front, the Wii U obliterates the PS4, but only if developers actually take the time to make use of it(Just like the cell processor). Believe it or not, a custom designed gaming CPU is better than an off the shelf tablet CPU.

source: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz...

Veneno1991d ago


Your points are somewhat logical, but they don't take into account the big, long-term picture.

the people that game on PCs are happy because it offers more than a home console and they are fine with the expensive upkeep and technical maintainence they require. Console gamers are happy because they don't have to deal with such headaches and can still play all the multiplatform games plus many exclusives.

Nintendo seems content with letting the Wii U die in the water because right now, other than ONE game, there is no compelling benefit to spend so much money.

Nintendo fanboys are taking the Wii U situation way to personal. all we are saying is Nintendo can do well, but they have to start moving faster. they have 2 choices. 1) pump out the qualitty softtware or 2) drop the price and hopefully recieve a sales spike that entices developers to make more games.

Nintendo fanboys ask why people are so dumb to buy into PS4 and Xbox One when there is "nothing" to play on it? Well, the reason is that at any console launch there is only so much software to be had. And Because Sony and Microsoft are doing a good job in communicating to the consumers that content is on the way.

2muchw1nn1ng1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Let me get this straight: your two excuses for the Wii U's lack of 3rd party support and downright miserable sales are

1) 3rd parties "had their chance" and "failed"


2) they're "afraid" of Nintendo?

and @ the snippy passive-aggressive comment that PS4/X1s aren't "true consoles" - really? REALLY?

Good lord...

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DeadRabbits1991d ago

Yeah they would definitely have a huge market for supplying games to other consoles should they stop making hardware!

wonderfulmonkeyman1991d ago

No they wouldn't. Fanboys from the other two consoles regularly ridicule nintendo games for being too kiddy. What on earth makes you think that these same people would suddenly change their mind about Mario over a mere change in platform?
If anything, they would sell even worse there.

Yep1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

I wouldn't be console gaming anymore if Nintendo stopped making hardware. Would be full-time PC gamer. Fortunately, there's no need to worry about that probably for the rest of my life (if I'm gaming that long).

Hifist11991d ago

Nintendo still has best first party lineup and i know many gamers who will buy Wii U as soon it gets more games. I will buy one too eventually.

TheEnigma3131991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

This is an opinion. Their first party line up is the same every gen. Smash brothers, Zelda, Mario, Mario Kart, etc.

cleft51991d ago

The games you just listed are all system sellers. Nintendo is probably the only console maker that doesn't need 3rd Party support to sell their console. This means they don't have to bow down to EA, Activision, or any other 3rd Party developer.

I am not even a big Nintendo person and I recognize the power of Mario and Zelda. Like it or not they do have the best 1st party line up, it's kind of the reason that they are able to stay in the console market. When people are saying the best 1st party line up they are referring to sales that those titles generate. A Nintendo 1st party game can stay the same price for years. Look at Xenoblade Chronicles which actually went up in price to $85. Nintendo is very good at what they do and so long as they continue to be this good they can stay in the console market for a long time.

ZainreFang1991d ago

Nintendo consoles are the most innovative and the most durable. If I lose my favorite consoles and have to deal with a cheap Playstation/Microsoft console then i'll just get a darn PC. Doubles up as a computer/media box and I don't have to pay for online.

cleft51991d ago

I love my PS4, but after this generation I am probably going to go PC and Nintendo. The problem with Sony and Microsoft is that their consoles is becoming more PC like without any of the freedom. I hope Sony allows more freedom with the PS4, but I am not going to hold my breath. I plan on getting a WiiU when X comes out, until then my PS3, PS4, and PS Vita will hold me.

thezeldadoth1991d ago

this gen i went PC and Wii-U. You get the best versions of 3rd party games, cheap steam games, pc exclusives, and nintendo exclusives.

The other two will be a maybe after a lot of worthwhile exclusives pile up.

DeadRabbits1991d ago

Nintendo would make far more a Third Party Publisher!

KonsoruMasuta1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Actually, there is no guarantee for that. Sega has had multiple moments where they almost went bankrupt.

cleft51991d ago

Sony would make a lot more as a 3rd party publisher too. Microsoft would make a lot more as a 3rd party publisher as well. They aren't doing that because they want to sell their consoles. Apparently people can understand that for Sony and Microsoft yet don't get why Nintendo isn't becoming a 3rd party developer. Also don't kid yourself, Nintendo makes a boatload of money off of 3ds sales. Thats before you factor in Pokemon which just prints money for them. Nintendo isn't hurting for cash at all.

11eleven111991d ago

The day Nintendo leaves the console market might be the last day of the console market. Sony + MS already made a step towards hybrid PC machines and 3rd parties would probably rather make only games for androids,PCs etc. as we speak. Nintendo is the console market until they stay exclusively 1st party. I doubt PS4 and XBOne will do much better then WiiU in the long range. Eventually it will all just merge with the handhelds.

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