America Is Fed Up With Final Fantasy Sequels

For 18 years, Square Enix had steadily released Final Fantasy titles, each with unrelated stories and characters, more so sticking to the Final Fantasy name in at least a story line sense, while obviously ignoring it when referring to their own titles. In 2003 this ended, as for the first time in the series long tenure, Square Enix developed a sequel, and we study in the impact of this decision.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF5506d ago

who gives a toss about america when it comes to JRPG

BeaArthur5506d ago

I'm going to go out on a limb and say American's do...oh yeah and those game developers that sell hundreds of thousands or millions of copies in the U.S. Idiot.

solidt125506d ago (Edited 5506d ago )

Im excited about FFXIII, FFXIII Versus and Crisis Core. Now on the other hand im tired of all the DS remakes. The only one they really need to remake is FFVII for the PS3.

JsonHenry5506d ago

The ONLY JRPG that I have ever liked and actually finished was XenoGears for the PS1. Not those Xeno-Saga knock offs, but the real deal.

pharmd5506d ago

this article is erroneous on all counts!!!!

iiprotocolii5506d ago

Amen to Xenogears. Best rpg I've ever played hands down.

gaffyh5506d ago (Edited 5506d ago )

I don't see the problem with having many Final Fantasy games. At the end of the day it's just a name, the only Final Fantasy game that was actually a sequel was FFX-2, every other game is different, has different characters, different stories (a little similar), different gameplay, better graphics etc. The name is a franchise, they could easily call the game something else and it would not sell as much.

The same can't be said about other milked franchises that have same characters, and very similar stories everytime like Mario, Sonic (please die already, every game after Sonic 2 has been crap).

EDIT: Befores someones says it, FF7 Crisis Core is a prequel

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MADGameR5505d ago (Edited 5505d ago )

And I NEVER get tired of Final Fantasy sequals! Infact, I still play FFVIII on my PSXe. As long as the sequals don't suck like FF12, then its all good.

Edit-This article is just an attack on SONY from 360 fanboys who are too prideful of their own country. They would perfer Halo and Gears because its American games. SO closed minded...

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IIamback5506d ago

Let me guess. Gamers are bored of FF sequel because FF13 and FF13VS are PS3 exclusive?
If it was other way around, 360 exclusive, that i am sure it would be "most wanted game ever", for some magical reason.

mephman5506d ago (Edited 5506d ago )

The article talks about dwindling sales ratios between Japan and America. It doesn't mention FFXIII, FFvsXIII, the XBox 360 or the PS3. Not everything is about those 4 topics.

IIamback5506d ago

Thats not the point, point is why raise this question now? Give me a brake. I am fed up of journalist and sites that pretend to be neutral but actually are 360 fanboys. It is so transparent and obvious.

mephman5506d ago

The question is raised now because Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core (on the PSP) was released just over a month ago. The article analyses its sales incomparison to other sequels. How does that have anything to do with the XBox 360?

IIamback5506d ago

It has to do with attack on playstation brand, so it leads eventually to fanboyism(360).
You dont have to be rocket scientist to know that software on PSP does not sell that good, actually compared to other platforms it sells poorly.All of this because of numerous reasons, biggest being extremely easy to download and play pirate games. So easy to mod PSP. So to use PSP and Crisis Core as an example is low blow it doesnt mean anything, really it doesnt. Just typical fanboyism attempt to undermine importance of FF games, like saying stuff "Gamers are tired of sequels". Really what sequels? Sure there are some sequels like FF X-2, but or example FF 8 has nothing to do with FF9, or 9 has nothing to do with 10, etc.
This guy (and you) are fanboys or are using some drugs.

fredy5506d ago

what a goon. fanboys are too much these days.

always a conspiracy theory against the sony gods.

Pacifist5506d ago

Most of the final fantasy games were on sony's console anyways. if they weren't complaining about sequels in the past why would they start now?

KingME5506d ago (Edited 5506d ago )

Man, everytime you reply you sound more and more like the "FANBOY" that you are trying to renounce. You sound like someone with paranoid schizophrenia. "OH MY GOD, THE FANBOYS ARE OUT TO GET US!"

Also note how you are directly relating the "FANBOY" brand to the XBOX360 and not the wii. In case you were wonder, I believe it's because, for some reason, this is the console that you fear most.

Why is that?

Take a chill pill man, I promise you, no "FANBOY" is going to do you any personal harm. However, if you lose your mind from worrying about it, you only have yourself to blame.

@CRIMS0N_W0LF (above) - Right...Thinking out loud again huh?

JD_Shadow5506d ago (Edited 5506d ago )

...because I agree with the people that are saying that this has nothing to do with any system war. Remember that Final Fantasy XI is out for the 360, and that both Nintendo and Sony both are main consoles for the FF brand.

I disagree with this article's assessment, but llamback, I think the GTA4 war with everything about this DLC (EVERYTHING imaginable when it comes to that is being argued left and right, with TONS of attacks) is getting to you and making you think this will be the same with ALL game articles.

Not ALL articles on here are going to get as downright ridiculous as it has with GTA4's DLC argument (to those who don't know what I'm talking about, go look at and see it for yourself. The lunatic 360 fringe there tries to continuously drive home things that aren't true, and then blasts you if you disagree with then even in the tiniest bit).

EDIT: Now that I think about it, if those idiots that are now spewing crap about the 360 "exclusivity" to all GTA4 DLC and how the 360 version of that game is a ton better than the PS3 version (it isn't) come here, then llamback will be proven right. N4User and Tordavis, I speak to people like you when I talk about the 360 idiots.

GutZ315506d ago

Crisis core was alright, but not the kind of final fantasy game play mechanics most fans have come to enjoy, not to mention the small screen that makes the cinematic's pretty much worthless to a gorgeous game.

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Lionsguard5506d ago

A VII remake will restore faith. Actually XIII and V.S. should restore it.

SL1M DADDY5506d ago

Ok... So since when did CC determin the fan favor level of the entire series when it came to these two regions? The PSP sells like crazy in Japan and there is a greater love for JRPG's there. This is nothing new. I for one think that this article is a bit of PS bashing but that is just how I see it. The FF series is loved world wide and that is something you can see imediately when you glance at the worldwide sales. As for the title... Each "final fantasy" is just that, a final fantasy of that particular group of individuals int he story. We all will have a final chapter written in our lives, each very different from one anothers. In each of the FF's, they too had their own stories and thus the title, Final Fantasy.

RecSpec5506d ago

Guess what? America is also sick of ANY kind of sequel, minus a few exceptions.