RUMOUR: BMW M4 Coupe coming to Gran Turismo 6 on December 12th

VVV: "Should the rumours end up being true, the BMW M4 Coupe (shown in the provided image in concept car form) may be making its video game debut in Gran Turismo 6 as early as December 12th this year."

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thebudgetgamer1987d ago

I'm more of a M3 man myself.

MitchellK1987d ago

M4 is the m3 coupe. bmw changed the naming so the M3 is the sedan while the M4 is the coupe.

Incipio1987d ago

Because I was totally waiting on the M4 entering the game before I purchased GT6


Danron161987d ago

Its already been released today? N4G has already had a post on it like 2 hours ago

Dark_king1987d ago

this was submitted about 3 hours before that one.

Pintheshadows1987d ago

This isn't a rumour. It is on the front page of the GT website and already available.

bobsmith1987d ago

yup its already out
no interior though :(

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