Popular YouTuber Explains YouTube vs Gamers Controversy, Sheds Light on All the Back End Details

Lately a big controversy has been brewing about YouTube and monetization of video game content, with copyright claims increasing in numbers and intensity, and new rules coming to stir the pot, but for most users and viewers it’s actually quite difficult to pick sides, because the system is quite obscure and only those actually working on it on a daily basis know all its ins and out.

Fraser of Video Games are AWESOME! released an extensive video in which he goes very much in depth about the processes, problems and ways of appeal that Let’s Play content creators have to deal with every day.

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Game0N1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

XiSasukeUchiha1988d ago

That friggin true to the major first degree

DragonPs41988d ago

I don't believe gamers/youtubers should be allowed to make money off someone else work.

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nukeitall1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Why not?

I make money off open source software when I implement it into others system.

When I use math laws figured out by others, I profit from that. There is nothing wrong with profiting off someone elses work, especially if that work promotes the other party as well!

So these editors make money promoting the developers/publishers game. Ironically, publishers are profiting from the hard work of developers....

Are you againts that too?

When I have time, I will watch the video to see what is up with it.

Christopher1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I think point of contention with your examples and the others is none of those you mention are copyrighted. Video game assets are copyrighted and owned by a company/individual.

I am not against someone utilizing in-game content to create their own content. People who use video gameplay alongside informative videocasts and the like. But, I do not believe it is fair to allow someone to make money off of just posting gameplay videos with only any voice over of their random ramblings as they game.

nukeitall1988d ago


I understand that it is copyrighted material, but even the copyright laws acknowledges "fair use" in the news industry that profits from this as well.

Point being, we need to loosen the stranglehold on copyrighted material a little. I see no problem with this, ramblings or not if somebody else is willing to watch it and click on ads.

I know this opens up a can of worms, because how do you enforce it, and how do you segregate it.

None the less, I think the companies doing this should be lambasted for this.

"I am not against someone utilizing in-game content to create their own content"

There is nothing stopping content creator from claiming the same thing, although I see this as a much bigger violation. The former is more of a I use it as intended, and I'm just talking about it. I do not modify, nor do I mis-represent the product.

Whereas the latter is clearly a violation of copyright, is presented possibly in a different light, and is modified (to appear different).

Websites such n4g that you are an admin of profits from news. They aren't subjected to the same copyright claims, because it is well protected by fair use.

Christopher1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

N4G adheres to any copyright claims.

Example: content from GameInformer magazines can no longer be submitted as scans or quickly typed up summaries.

nukeitall1987d ago


I'm not saying that n4g does not adhere to copyright claims, but rather n4g benefits from reporting other peoples news simply because the law is on their side with "fair use".

Fair use should apply to these videocasts as well....

Christopher1987d ago

Eh, I don't see the N4G correlation on Copyright use. We don't host news, we link to it. So, we don't actually use content.

I think the only real issue would be in copyright image use. But, again, we would handle any claims that come our way. What we do is not regarded as Fair Use as nothing we use if copyright protected and is publicly available.

nukeitall1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Actually, quoting another news site story is considered fair use as well as images n4g displays on the website even if it is just a small paragraph.

Remember the whole article is copyrighted.

So no, what n4g is doing is "fair use".

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SkullBlade1691987d ago

Most of the music industry does.

HarryB1988d ago

If everyone or at least most stop watching youtube. Then google will change. I think one day people who get fed up with google. Im tired of the bull shit ads. There must be a revolution.

DragonPs41988d ago

Ads is what pays Youtube partners with original content.

itisallaboutps1988d ago

people should be able to make money from youtube. now when someone steals songs to play in a cheesy montage, than by all rights do they deserved to be flagged.
There are thousands of royalty free songs out there, some are free others cost a pretty penny and they do a great job setting the mood with music.

DragonPs41987d ago

I support awesome videocast/podcast with pieces of gameplay but youtubers like pewdie pie shouldn't be able to make money from full gameplay videos.

Reviews are fine its just the lets play and commentators that I have a problem with.

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