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The Last of Us is a very dark game. It wants you to treat its situations seriously and make you regret stabbing enemies in the throat. It also tries to make the gameplay match its tone, and sometimes it works. The emphasis on stealth, realism, and a heavy decrease in “gamey” style of play works well in the beginning, but towards the end, it becomes a bit hard to believe.

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pr0t0typeknuckles1986d ago

i fear for this guys life,giving the last of us a 7,the sony and naughty dog fanboys are gonna be pissed,imo though i can actually agree(please dont kill me guys)

Paradigmthefallen1986d ago

Irony being that I'm actually a big fan of most of Sony's things. I think if any overall Sony fan is upset, they should wait on my upcoming Ratchet & Clank reviews before believing me to be an "Xboner" or "Nintenerd", or whatever other names they've come up with.

As for Naughty Dog fanboys... there's nothing I can do there. They don't want to hear anything I have to say in relation to ND this generation, although I do still look forward to trying Jak & Daxter.

ziggurcat1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

You should apply to polygon for a job - you'd fit in really well since they also gave an idiotic review score to what is obviously a critically acclaimed Sony title.

SonyStyled1986d ago

your in for a treat with jak and daxter. 2 and 3 where my childhood

trenso11986d ago

i think you missed the boat on giving a sorta low score to a praised game so that your review will be viewed. It isn't a low score but seriously? We know its a great game and any review I've read that said other wise were grasping at straws to find faults in the game.

bocajbee1986d ago

You're a bit late to the party mate.

fossilfern1985d ago

All the disagrees you are getting is funny. People obviously cant have an opinion on this site. I played the TLOU and thouht it was okay the story was interesting enough but the gameplay was just average.

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B-radical1986d ago

The disagrees are killing you!

LeCreuset1986d ago

I gave you a disagree, but in terms of killing you, you really didn't provide an argument to kill. All you did was babble some nonsense about fanboys before saying that you agree with a score that is well outside of the general consensus. You didn't even make an argument for why you feel that way. If that's your opinion, then oh-kay, I guess, but the rare differing opinion really isn't worth anything without an argument to back it up.

pr0t0typeknuckles1986d ago

well maybe before disagreeing,you could have asked me why i agreed with him,instead of baballing about why i did and didnt mention why i felt that way,and to be more precise i never said i agree with the score,i just said i agree,though i agree more with some of his points,and the reqason i mention fanboys being pissed,is because its true,you cant say anything bad about the last of us without fanboys getting pissed and angry about it,people act as if you hate the game for not giving it a 9 or saying its near perfect,i actually like the game,but i dont think its close to being perfect or innovative as many others say,and i could care less about what the general consensus feels,there's this thing called opinions.

LeCreuset1986d ago


I'm well aware that there are opinions. I'll be blunt since you seem to be slow in understanding the point. Why should we give a crap about your opinion? Yours is an extreme minority opinion. So you have an opinion. Many more disagree with yours. Are you so arrogant as to believe that your opinion should carry more weight than all of those which disagree? You went on a rant about fanboys failing to consider your own words to me: there are these things called opinions. The majority believe TLOU deserves a higher score. Stop whining about it and present supporting points to your argument to validate your opinion, because just throwing a few minority opinions out against the overwhelming majority that disagree isn't going to cut it.

sevilha821986d ago

It´s not about being a fanboy,it´s about being a gamer and reconizing that the game is one the of all time best...

It´s irrelevant who developeded the game was it Naughty Dog or was it Bungie,the game is amazing if you don´t realize that don´t criticize other´s for noticing.

Xer0_SiN1986d ago

people who actually sat down and really played this game would rate it much more than "7/10".

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Dark111986d ago

it's just his opinion .. how is that hate?

LeCreuset1986d ago

Hate can't be a fact. Hate is only ever an opinion.

HeavenlySnipes1986d ago

Read the review lmao

Some of the stuff he's saying is comical

Austin481986d ago

This guy on the reviewer site obviously doesn't know a good game when he sees it the last of us is a 10/10 game and if eney won that hates this game runs there mouth to me on my own opinion then you are truly an idiot

MidnytRain1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

How are you gonna trash someone else's opinion then tell people who give you ish for your opinion that they're idiots? lmao at hypocrisy

Lots of angry people in here. I always look forward to these.

Austin481986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

lol are you trying to start an argument with me

Thatguy-3101986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

"When you first meet them, the Infected seem like a far greater challenge than any human opponent, but all it means is that you have to abuse Joel’s “listen” mode that makes all nearby enemies visible (even through walls), and makes him move as slow as possible. So long as you do
that and toss a few bottles, getting past them usually isn’t a big deal "

It's funny how many people complain about the ability BUT yet they use it at the end. If you don't like it then simply turn it off or don't use it at all. Then to throw it out there Ellie owned a pocket knife which allowed her to stealth a lot better than Joel. Joel simply had to make shivs. The whole review is basically a complain on how the game is so hard (upgrading system) or to easy (distracting enemies with bottles) which I truly disagree with but heck it's his opinion.

Paradigmthefallen1986d ago

If you have to turn a key feature added by a developer to make a game properly balanced, the developer isn't doing they job right. Ellie was easier to stealth as, but they at least balanced that by making her far weaker at directly melee attacks and far more limited in gear.

Really? I didn't find it too hard, TBH. I got through most of the campaign without dying fairly easy from the first run onward. It's not that I dislike a hard game either -- I love Hexagon, Super Meat Boy, Dark Souls, Dragon's Dogma, and many other commonly "hard" games.

A well made masochistic experience is fantastic. A questionably executed mildly challenging experience can only at best be good. I think if Naughty Dog does a sequel though, they should be able to work out most of the kinks. As it is, it's not a bad game, it's just not the grand epic everyone swears it to be, and yes, that's purely my opinion.

xReDeMpTiOnx1986d ago

Simply play it on survival with no hearing mode then.

I beat the game on hard first not using hearing mode for 95% of the game.

Just seems like complaining for the sake of complaining.

HeavenlySnipes1986d ago

I didn't use the hearing mode at all on Hard and I'm currently replaying it on Survivor where its not even an option

Its not needed like the author implies

SnotyTheRocket1986d ago

I didn't use it in my first play through. The part after Joel falls down the elevator shaft scared the shit out of me. The Last of Us is more Resident Evil than Resident Evil.

DeadMansHand1986d ago

I turtled a few times trying to get that damn generator going.