5 Reasons Why VGX Was An Overall Disappointment

CCC Says: "This past weekend, gamers everywhere witnessed what was arguably the worst video game awards show that Spike and GameTrailers have ever produced. With a brand new format built exclusively to cater to the needs of hardcore video game aficionados from around the world, VGX failed to impress in almost every way imaginable and only succeeded in falsely representing the gaming culture we all know and love. To illustrate my points further, I have decided to list 5 specific reasons why VGX was an overall disappointment."

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Corpser1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

The only disappointment is studio of the year award, rockstar should've won

How often do we have the most critically acclaimed game of the year that is also the best selling game of the year, what an achievement by rockstar

Neonridr1991d ago

GTA and TLOU were both great games.

Rockstar was recognized with Game of the Year, Naughty Dog with studio of the year. Both got great recognition for jobs well done.

Besides, it's not like the VGX are the be-all-end-all awards or anything...

MasterCornholio1991d ago

Your only saying that because the TLOU is a PlayStation exclusive.

Strawmr1991d ago

I can't complain too much about VGX. Only thing I would've liked to see more of was an actual in-studio audience, as well as not having that stupid GTA concert

qzp1991d ago

I loved it i had a great time watching it. laughed my ass of at Joel semi troll jokes. Only 2 things i could say is the reveals were over hyped compared to what they actually were and the concert i completely avoided.