YouTube Flagging Hundreds of Videos, Large Gaming Channels All Affected, Many Stop Uploading

Many of the creators whose videos have been flagged are among the most popular on YouTube. TheRadBrad, a gamer whose walkthroughs have earned him nearly two million subscribers and multiple appearances on our Top YouTube Channel Charts, has seen many of his videos flagged, with background music serving as the culprit. Other gamers, such as Tetraninja and GhostRobo, have seen their videos cited as well, with offenses sometimes as trivial as infringing background music playing within a game.


YouTube confirms all claims are legit and will stay:

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Kingthrash3601992d ago

man, youtube really feeling themselves. its a shame too, it's in my viewing rotation. something like this can potentially have it dropped from my rotation...time for worldstarhiphop to take its place.

mrmarx1992d ago

its the copyright holders not youtbe

Nexus381992d ago

no it's youtube doing this, gaming videos, let's plays are all considered by law under fair use, most companies do not care about people making videos of their game it's more publicity for them, that's why this has never happened, but now youtube are updating and they have some awful system to scan videos that just doesn't work.

SolidStoner1992d ago

copyright holders are bad m-kay..

Google becoming too powerful.. they think people will stick to youtube, but history has told that people will find different ways... Russia or other internet free country can easy make and there you go.. a new warm free place for everyone! :) just for example...

youtube started to suck badly when Google took over it.. I never would believe I would said that.. G mail and google search is so awesome.. but damn, they become bad...

Kurylo3d1992d ago

if you read the article, it isn't the copyright holders though. Which is funny. Oh well.. youtube is going to kill itself... vimeo can take over lol.

christrules00411992d ago

Nope. Brokengamezhd showed 3 of his notices that he got and they all were done by youtube. It tells you how. It happened when he was playing a game and youtube recognized music in the game so he got flagged for the music.

Nerdmaster1992d ago

I'm not surprised in the least. The only Google thing that isn't terrible is Gmail. Any other thing Google has ever touched turned to garbage. Even its search engine nowadays for some reason only gives me one or two relevant results (but I'm too lazy to look for another search engine to see if there's a better one).

Ryatta1992d ago

No its youtubes new scanning system they rolled out on monday. Some publishers like Capcom have even reached out over twitter to help tubers being tagged in their games as they them selves didn't request youtube to do it.

Some partner networks like RPM let their partners know in advance of this happening and bulked up on support staff in preperation but still got over taking by the sheer number of claims youtube had made on peoples videos

President1991d ago

Im so happy this is happening, I hate those commentary channels, they all try to be funny and fail miserably.

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KwietStorm1992d ago

Worldstarhiphop? Lmfao that will never, EVER take youtube's place.

Kingthrash3601992d ago

"in my veiwing rotation"
lol i never said its will take youtubes overall

PurpHerbison1992d ago

Humans are idiots. I wouldn't be surprised if WSHH took over since everybody seems to have an obsession with watching street fight videos and commenting how they can do so much better than said fighters.

mgeezy3131992d ago

Stupid ghetto website like WorldStarHipHop? Makes me sick to see the Black community like that. (I'm black/ puerto rican, I can say that).

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Illuminati at it again..

Google+ kill it with fire!!

cyphertech1992d ago


First of all, you have a "ghetto" name. Second of all, you being partially black doesn't give you a license to say something stupid. If a white person "can't" say it, it's because it's stupid, not because he's white. So you not being white doesn't make it any less stupid. Kthx

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KwietStorm1992d ago

Ok that's a little different then.

HammadTheBeast1992d ago

YouTube has gotten so sh*t in the past few months. From the broken comments system, to the messed up video playback, it's just terrible. Not to mention asking every f***ing time to use your real name.

And now this.

NarooN1992d ago

Jesus dude, the new commenting system is so ABYSMAL. What were they thinking with that? It makes no sense whatsoever, and if you set it to display them the old way, the comments are then broken! Such garbage.

Video playback has been problematic for me for months. Sometimes the page will "finish loading" but the video never plays. Just terrible.

KillrateOmega1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Yeah, Google's obsession with real names has been ****ing me off. Back when it first started it was very low-key and, at worst, a minor nuisance, but now it's like they've become almost aggressive about it. On top of that, the whole thing with Google+ has only made it worse.

****ing Google+ sync.

Lykon1992d ago Show
NightsWasted1992d ago

huh...Im having a hard time following. I cant quite understand anything of what you just said.

Kingthrash3601992d ago

really?...its american style English. i'm sad for hard life must be for you to be able to write in English, but not comprehend it.

Back-to-Back1992d ago

Time for all these "Let's Players" to get a real job. Playing games for a living in almost laughably sad.

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EvilCackle1992d ago

Geez. What is up with YouTube?

WeAreLegion1992d ago

No company is too big to fail. The music industry learned that the hard way.

mdluffy1992d ago

True, but the problem is ad-sense... there is no better paying ad-service.
If there was other video sites could crush youtube!

Eonjay1992d ago

Once again, it is the music industry that is the main culprit. These no-talent-having lawyers want to make millions on the backs of the a gifted few.

Perjoss1992d ago

At one point it looked like there was no stopping Myspace, and now they barely exist.

Back-to-Back1992d ago

Problem is that company behind youtube is Google. They control the internet whether you like it or not.

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frostyhat1231992d ago

Do these companies not realize It's FREE ADVERTISING

Murad1992d ago

Umm, how is it free advertising? The market looses its share when you have Ghost Robo giving a playthrough of a game which players could buy and play instead. Or the fact that Ghost Robo probably makes almost the same amount of profit as an engineer does by sitting at his desk and using YouTube and Adsense to his benefit.

KwietStorm1992d ago

The same amount as an engineer? Hahaha.. Losing market share because it replaces actually playing a game? Ok I'll bite. Show me the numbers.

TheRealTedCruz1992d ago

You take away as much from watching a videogame has hearing about a movie from a friend.

M-M1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

You have absolutely no clue how much Youtubers help out musicians. I remember people making montages or just videos in general with songs playing in the background that I have never even heard about. Those bands are now pretty popular now because of the subscriber base that other channels had that went to the band's/musician's channel.

HammadTheBeast1992d ago


That could be said for anyone. Smosh and Pewdiepie make 8-9 times more than the average engineer, is that a bad thing?

kryteris1992d ago

making $$ on youtube requires a unique niche, strong talent and alot of work. It is not easy, and the money they make is well deserved.

MidnytRain1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )


This website estimates YouTuber's earnings and ranks. It says theRadBrad makes over 20k per month from his channel...

Search pewdiepie and you'll get some insane numbers.

This site here lists some young stars who make over 100k a year from their videos.


nzero1992d ago Show
MidnytRain1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Lol, nzero. You should check out my link. As much as it may bug you, there are people banking "engineer salaries" from their YouTube channels. Easily over $400 PER day.

nzero1992d ago

mydnyt rain you can delude yourself as much as you want. But your website is full of shit. First and foremost he is partnered with machinma so they take a big stake in what he does in terms of profits. Secondly your website has a range of about 100k+ in estimated "profits" when a range is that massive it mean they have no type of any significant data to even estimate anything. Most likely in anything they took machinma's Quarterly reports and diveded it by how many users they have signed and added an estimated value to it. But again you can believe what you will. Go and become a youtuber for all I care but to say that these video game walkthrough youtube users are making a lifelong career out of this is beyond logical thought.

Lord_Sloth1992d ago

You realize that most people using a walkthrough are using it in place of strategy guides, right? They already HAVE the game. Others (like me) use it to get a good idea of the game's worth.

MidnytRain1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )


Lmao, does it bother you that someone can make so much money from YouTube?

Forbes estimates that half of Smosh's earnings over 12 months (= $5 million) comes from ad sharing on YouTube. Unless that estimate is over 50 times too large, then they're loaded any way to you cut it.

EDIT: Whoops that wasn't supposed to show up. ;)

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Mikey322301992d ago

What is up with u people stealing my Avatar!!

jordan84451992d ago

And it still will be. You can still upload videos, just not quit your job and live off them.

metalmatters1992d ago

I think that makes it fair, I think Youtube realized these youtubers were banking big time just by uploading a video of them playing a game. Thats no hobby thats a business with zero overhead. I find it fair that you can upload videos of your fave hobby (playing games) without getting paid.

princejb1341992d ago

Google really better stop changing those you tubes policies or their going to lose a lot of viewers and money in te process

Murad1992d ago

Google's not going to lose anything lol. YouTube is one of the smallest forms of their moeny income, and that's to say the least. Actually, if I'm right, I'm guessing YouTube is getting sued right now by company x by placing these videos and getting revenue. Hmm, I wonder why they're stopping gameplay videos, O wait, cause they don't want to get sued.

Grap1992d ago Show
princejb1341992d ago

So why is veto paying google to host their videos on YouTube lol
All those advertisements yup is money in googles pocket

kenshiro1001992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Youtube isn't invincible. They keep screwing people over and they'll feel the burn soon.

Debaitable1992d ago

I believe google is in court against Viacom for infringing material which is why they are removing videos. If they don't, they will get sued and get the videos removed anyways.

Murad1991d ago

Ya, I keep on trying to tell everyone that, but what can I say, once people have a one track mind; they tend to keep it that way D: