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From the review, "It’s been a long journey for the Xbox One. It was once the scorn of the video game industry due to restrictive software decisions that benefited those in the board room more than customers. After successfully making a 180 turn through the waters of criticism, the Xbox One managed to have a successful launch. So should you get the Xbox One right now? Unfortunately, there is no one answer to this question. This is the first time when deciding whether or not to buy a console depends on more than just the kinds of games you want to play. Your media entertainment habits in general is going to be the primary factor in making your decision."

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Kingthrash3601989d ago

"Outside of party chat, I can’t find anything I would consider broken on Xbox One."
i can:
friends list/requests mixed together
charging controllers turns on the x1
text message history
not showing remaining hdd memory
to name a few. my friend complains everday then comes to my house to play 2k14 on

Belking1988d ago

friends list/requests mixed together ----------not a big issue
charging controllers turns on the x1---------- thats BS
text message history------not a big issue
not showing remaining hdd memory-------- could be annoying if their was actually more stuff available to put on the hdd, so it's not a big issue right now.

to name a few. my friend complains everday then comes to my house to play 2k14 on

Your friend?... somehow I think this "friend" is just Compared to the mess on ps4, xb1 UI and functions beautifully. We all know that ms will be updating theirs throughout the life of the console making it better. PS4 ui is no better than last gens xbox-360 and I don't need friends to complain to me about it to know

CGI-Quality1988d ago

You wouldn't know of a mess on PS4. That would require you to own one.

OT: Over time, like the PS4, the X1 will continue to improve, I'm sure. I just need something a bit more compelling to buy one (Quantum Break and/or a new Gears of War, exclusively, would fit the bill).

GarrusVakarian1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

"Compared to the mess on ps4"

You don't own a PS4.....i do and i can tell you its flawless, simple, fast and does exactly what it needs to. There is no mess, everything is literally instant, screenshots and video captures load instantly, the PS store loads instantly, the UI instantly loads after logging in, pressing the PS button and doing something else like search the internet or view photo/video captures then double tapping the PS button again to go straight back into game is instant.....its all instant. Again with Belking making things up, you really are a pro at that.

It's funny when people like you get so desperate for points that you have to resort to the UI....i mean seriously? I spend no longer than a few seconds on the UI before im playing act like you spend 99% of your time there. Ill take a simplistic, lightning fast UI over a layered, cluttered, ad filled, slower UI anyday.

DigitalRaptor1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

You missed the long-ass mandatory installs. That's PS3 territory right there. I'd say those days are long behind me, but I still play on "current gen" and PC.

Also, for an all-in-one media box, a lack of Dolby 5.1 surround is pretty alarming. I think currently, the fact they didn't build a dedicated gaming console, the Xbone is under the "jack of all trades, master of none" syndrome. Things will get better as time goes on and updates will bring certain features up to speed, but when you design a console, there are constants and variables. And the constants (of course) remain the same.

A console that is designed as a strong, focused and dedicated gaming console will always be better, than one designed to be an all-in-one media box to sell to everyone and conceived to attain control through DRM and anti-consumer practices.

Bigpappy1988d ago

X1 does not lack 5.1 you little hater. It just currently does no output the TV input to 5.1. There is no problem playing game in 5.1.

strickers1988d ago

My PS4 runs very nicely thanks. Functions as expected. Fast and clean.

MusicSurfer1988d ago

I am very disappointed with my PS4 functionality at this point. I get freeze ups in BF4 multiplayer, A50 head set cuts in and out, sony pulse elite is sitting in the closet (supposedly until Jan??), controllers run out of juice in a few hours, etc. I was going to hold off on the Xb1 but I played it at a friends and it feels more solid at this point. I am going to purchase one and play the exclusives on the PS4 only... Unless Sony cleans up the interface and freeze issues, I will be jumping back to Xbox brand...

nypifisel1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

BF4 multiplayer is broken across all platforms. Sure buy an XB1 to play inferior versions of 3rd party games. Sense? It makes none.

strickers1988d ago

I've heard XB1 has a lot not working as it should. This update( fix) really backs that up. Sounds a bit like a mess.

XiSasukeUchiha1988d ago

Ok people i giving up trolling, and Microsoft isn't all bad, besides the lessons i learn in anime, is this ppl chill out for one opinion you people getting mad over it just leave it alone, XB1 isn't terrible,but isn't certain the best console and surprise you all feel a flame bait, and growing up umm trying to be original means growing up, i guess the world is stale, but overall their certainly any problem but please fix the XB1 so i can respect Ms again