Hideo Kojima Will Not Create Metal Gear Solid Games Forever

"Hideo Kojima plans to move on from Metal Gear Solid eventually."

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wtopez1988d ago

Hmmm I think I've heard this before. For the last 15 years actually. ZOE 3 maybe?

Eonjay1988d ago

Forever is a very long time and the human mortality rate is 100%

NarooN1988d ago

Came here just to say this, you beat me to it lol. He's literally been saying this same thing with each new game since MGS2.

MajorLazer1988d ago

He'll stop when the money dries up

galgor1988d ago

Longer actually, he made the original Metal Gear without intention of making another.. And here we are over 20 years later.

hazelamy1988d ago

that's what he thinks. >_>

Spore_7771988d ago


Lmao!! My thoughts exactly.

trickman8881988d ago

The only thing I want from him after MGSV is a remake of Metal Gear 1+2. Maybe a good remake of MGS1(and not TTS), but i wouldn't mind if that doesn't get remade either.

Agent_00_Revan1988d ago

That's exactly what I've been going for. It would be great if The Phantom Pain led right into those remakes.

lonewolfjedi1988d ago

everybody gets franchise fatigue. I want to see what he has up his sleeve

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The story is too old to be commented.