GameTap: Death Jr.: Root of Evil Preview - The PSP original gets an upgrade for the Wii

GameTap writes: "Oh, Death Jr., you little scamp--how you get yourself into so much trouble. This time, the son of the Grim Reaper and his friend Pandora find themselves in a heap of bad business by accidentally freeing the daughter of Mother Nature, named Furi, from a cocoon that was designed to make her even more evil than she already was. This makes Furi, er, furious and causes her to go on a rampage that eventually results in the confrontation and capture of Death Jr.'s dad. Thus, Pandora and DJ embark on a journey to save the universe.

At the beginning of the Root of Evil, you'll have the choice to play as either Death Jr. or Pandora, but if there's another player itching to participate, two players can play through the game in a split-screen cooperative mode. Even though there are two playable characters, DJ and Pandora really don't differ from each other in terms of basic capabilities. Both characters have a weapon they can use for to execute melee attacks and interact with various objects in the environment, such as zip lines, and both characters also have access to a variety of projectile weapons."

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