It May Be Time For Nintendo To Make Games, Not Consoles

By Paul Tassi: "It’s a little worrisome, writing this post. The opinion I’m about to put forth is one that can get you laughed out of game journalism, and one few people in the industry will even entertain."

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They could just do handheld when it comes to consoles

imXify1994d ago

I just don't feel buying a brand new home console only for Smash and Zelda.

Abash1994d ago

Nintendo should just make a very powerful handheld that can be connected to the TV to act as a console and be played with a traditional controller.

It'd be a console/handheld hybrid

cleft51993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Thats fine, but there are a lot more games than those two. Still I do agree with you and thats why I am waiting for X, Bayonetta 2, Shin Megami x Fire Emblem to come out. Once that drops I will also have Wonderful 101, and the other Nintendo 1st party games to enjoy with the console.

Ultimately it is up to you to say what is or isn't right for you to buy. But a lot of people would say it only takes 1 game to justify the purchase of a console. Certainly PC gamers have spent hundreds of dollars and built computers around 1 game for years now.

The argument that Nintendo needs to stop making hardware is just childish. As long as Nintendo makes games that people enjoy and buy than they should keep on making hardware. Certainly Nintendo could make a ton more money as a Software only developer, but I like having them in the console market.

People are quick to dismiss Nintendo hardware, yet look at how heavily Sony is pushing the Vita as a second screen for the PS4 and how much Microsoft pushes Smartglass. Not mention how all the games now seem to have companion apps that act as a second screen with more information on the game via Apple and Android devices. Where does that come from if not the second screen that comes with the WiiU. Nintendo has a lot of good ideas and I hope they stay in the console market.

Dark_king1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

@cleft5 Sony has been pushing remote play since the psp has nothing to do with Nin.

mikeslemonade1993d ago

What imXify said..

I want to play the few exclusives but I don't want to buy the system. It's just too much clutter to own and $300 I don't want to spend. It's also the $300 plus the games that Nintendo doesn't like to discount. When I look at there top first party games they stay at the MSRP longer than other games.

Nintendo loves that high profit margin more so than Sony and Microsoft, so I don't see why it wouldn't be there best interest to just make software instead only breaking even on the hardware. I'm speaking of the WiiU by the way and not the 3DS. And they can even bargin with Sony and Microsoft. Make Sony and Microsoft work for them. Make Sony and Microsoft overpay for the Marios, Zeldas, and Metroids.

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bigfish1993d ago

It was time to stop making consoles after the Gamecube - that would have been a successful exit from the video gaming industry. the wii just ruined their reputation

Mikey322301994d ago

'tis time.

Id love to see a Sony and Nintendo join forces to be a one mega Japanese electronics game company machine thingy :)

wheresmymonkey1994d ago

THe last time they even entertained the idea we ened up with the playStation, just think of what would happen if they tried again and actually followed through.

mt1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

it will never happen, Sony gaming division was the result of Nintendo's betrayal with Sony.

I think Nintendo and Sony will never work together in gaming division.

oricon1994d ago

It wasn't a betrayal sony wanted profit of the games nintendo made on the partnership they were going to do with super nintendo which would be idiotic of nintendo to let sony have.

ShinMaster1993d ago

@ oricon

People still believe that Sony wanted money from Nintendo games? lol no.

Dark_king1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Sony wanted the Ip right's for the games.At least that's what I remember.
Edit:Maybe it was publishing rights can't remember.

ShinMaster1993d ago

No, Sony didn't want the rights to any Nintendo games.
People need to research more.

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2muchw1nn1ng1993d ago

Doubt that will ever happen with the U.S anti monopoly laws

Neonridr1994d ago

Well if I was writing some nonsensical stuff, I'd be worried about how people would perceive me too.

Nintendo isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I fully expect to see another console launch from these guys.

LOL_WUT1994d ago

Why? No one should have to worry about voicing their opinions in fact it should be encouraged. I also believe that Nintendo as of right now is out of touch with everything gaming related. The handheld only route should be something they should venture into. Also I would agree that most of their IP's will benefit from being on other platforms. ;)

modesign1994d ago

get ready for the wii u one. comes with 1 extra pixel.

HurstDarkStar1993d ago

I cant really see why people disagree with you, seriously have everyone forgot about people trash talking the gamecube? then right after they have a massive success with the Wii and all of a sudden you expect them to die with just one lack luster console? People are becoming short term memory idiots!

Evilsnuggle1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Agree Nintendo is a dinosur. Their reputation is ruined with core gamers. The wii was a fad and was bought by a lot of casual gamers.those casual games have moved on to iPad, Android tablets Android phones and iPhones and Facebook browser games For free. I don’t think Nintendo can't market there console to core gamers. If They Don't get new management and go in a different direction in gaming they are finished in console gaming as a hardware maker But not handheld . Bubble me PLEASE

LAWSON721993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

I would bubble up but I like Nintendo and the real core gamers should want to buy this system it has games and is getting some more great ones next year. I guess the core gamer these days are the ones who buy COD and the occasional action game, which if that is the case core gamers are as casual as someones mother playing Facebook games.

DarthZoolu1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Being a core gamer doesn't mean you want to spend a ton of money on hardware. WiiU is $300 and I can barely afford an Xbox One much less 2 consoles. I would rather spend $300 on games. If you can only buy one console there is no way it would be Wii U if any game outside of Nintendo is your favorite. I remember when the Gamecube was the only concole I had. After beating Wind Waker, Pikmin, RESIDENT EVIL 4, Metroid, and Sunshine the system was used to play Smash Bros Melee only. (Melee is the best fighting game ever made tho). Those were good games but I can list them. If I started listing the games I beat and loved on 360 the list would be huge. In the Nintendo consoles had similar power, online capabilities, and 3rd party support it would absolutely be the One concole to rule them all. Or just make it cheaper. I got my WiiU for $100 dollars and its great for that price. Maybe even worth $200. Nice change of pace from slaying dragons, fighting wars, landing combos, building castles, and surviving apocalypses. I think hardcore gamers want to bust blocks and stump goombas but buying a concole just for that is just to expensive. Most people have to choose wisely when buying games because that won't get to buy another one for a while. I have a PC and WiiU at the moment and will get the Xbox One asap. I do think that every console should be able to satisfy a wide range of gamers. And most core gamers think Wii & Wii U alone is not enough.

deecee331993d ago

Nintendo COULD make tons more sticking to software, but all they'd need is another Wii-level round of sales on a future console to make it worth it to stay in the hardware game. Gotta admit I would love to see us return to the days of Nintendo releasing cutting edge hardware and games for core gamers like with the N64. I thought some of their best games ever were released in that era. They still got it- would be cool to see some generation-leading core games with a Nintendo flavor in the future.

2muchw1nn1ng1993d ago

The only decent Wii U game I want is X. Everything else is just rehashed or too safe

Zodiac1994d ago

If you want to play the games you have to buy the consoles. The writers of these types of articles obviously do not want to play Nintendo games very much if they don't want to buy the only machine that will play them.

You can't just say "omg omg i love Nintendo games so much, but i refuse to buy the consoles and the games until they shut down half of the hardware development the company does and move it all to other consoles"

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