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Few games take advantage of a platform in the way Tearaway does,which uses every facet of the system in your hand and includes the device itself in the storytelling. It’s a game about the PlayStation Vita almost as much as it is a game on the Vita, and it deftly manages to avoid becoming forced or gimmicky in the way that many Vita games do. The Vita is littered in bits of technology that were seemingly thrown on to be there, rather than for any specific gameplay purpose in mind, and this has had mixed consequences. Games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss constantly shoehorned in ill-advised motion or touch screen controlled segments that detracted from the pace and the overall experience but Tearaway uses these inputs in magical ways. It doesn’t just use functionality because it’s there, it is built around this functionality and it always makes sense in its implementation. It’s a charming title with a lot of heart that will make you love it and love the Vita.

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