New Xbox One Screenshots Released for Halo: Spartan Assault

Yesterday Microsoft announced that its previously exclusive mobile title, Halo: Spartan Assault, will be headed to the Xbox One on December 24, 2013. Today a few new screenshots have been released from the game running on the Xbox One, and feature some co-op action. Due to the nature of the game (top-down mobile) the visuals really aren’t anything to write home about, nor do they really offer a next-gen feel, but this is a mobile port, so it is to be expected.

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lets_go_gunners1986d ago

Why isn't this game on ios like do I really need a windows phone for it.....

SuicideKing1986d ago

Or a 360, Xbox one, or a pc with Windows 8...

lets_go_gunners1986d ago

I would rather play this game on my way to work or school.

indysurfn1986d ago

At least this game should be able to push 1080P it is not that taxing. Halo 5 may be taxing but not this one.

BattleTorn1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Dec 24th :D

though, tbh after looking at the screenshots, it looks like the game may be best suited for tablet

Funky Town_TX1986d ago

I'm so sick of Halo. After Halo 3 the series has been bland.

kratos_TheGoat1986d ago

get outta here halo never get boring you just suck at online

RiPPn1986d ago

Looks pretty good, wish it were $10 rather than $15, but I'll still grab it on the bone.

PFFT1985d ago

I never knew you could play games on a bone..........???

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