Trine 2: The Complete Story PlayStation 4 Review | iGame Responsibly

Dylan Z of iGR writes: "Trine 2: The Complete Story Offers the very best of 3D gaming on the PS4"

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Fasttrack761986d ago

I want to buy but know if I do it will hit ps+ for free the next month

a08andan1986d ago

I dunno about that. It has already been on ps+ for ps3 quite a while ago though. I am also thinking about buying this :D

EBTpickle1986d ago

This here isn't a bad bundle.

I usually have the same fear when it comes to indie games on the PS platform. It'll probably be a few months before it goes free, though.

nategrigs1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

I think that it is supposed to be discounted this month

Edit: Looks like it was discounted in Europe

Neonridr1986d ago

Trine 2 is an awesome game, but I purchased this on my Wii U. Aside from the extra fidelity in textures the game is exactly the same.

However trying out the demo in stereoscopic 3D was amazing. I really do think that 3D gaming will be much better this time around.