Gamefly December 2013 Used Game Sale

GameFly looks to sell some used games in their new December sale that lasts from December 10th to December 16th.

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TheoreticalParticle1991d ago

Are they gonna have a sale on memberships where they actually send you a game within a week of it being in your queue? Because until then Gamefly's not getting more of my fucking money.

user95970821991d ago

It's the simplest thing to set it up so you always get the game you want when you want it. Had gamefly for four years and always got my new releases on time. Whatever you were doing must have been the problem.

Soldierone1991d ago

Do you just add a few games to the que?

I had Gamefly for a while and had the same issue, they never sent me the games at the top of my que and I waited a good two weeks per game.

I'd like to return, but not if that issue still arises.

joshmille991991d ago


Tip I always heard is that if there's a game you really want, have that one and ONLY that game in your queue and it's more likely to be shipped.

Doesn't work every time, but seemed to work for the most part.

TheoreticalParticle1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

No, I always had a full queue (7-10 games) and the top 5 would be Medium to "Available Now" availability.

I started with a 4-game subscription, and then dropped the subscription 1 game every time I had to wait more than a week to get a game. This year, I canceled my subscription entirely.

It's quite easy to set up your queue so that you THEORETICALLY get something every time you send something back. In practice, it's an entirely different ball of wax.

The "only one game in my queue" trick didn't work, either. Occasionally, it would for new releases, and then other times it would fail for 3 new releases in a row.

ABizzel11991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )


Yeah, keep that 1 game in your queue, and you'll get it. If you have a list of 20 - 30 (or more) they'll send you the game you can immediately get.

I found this out through trail and error.

OT: Their end of year sales are always pretty, good unfortunately I have most of this, so it's just Scribblenaughts on Wii U for me.

The Black Friday deal was the same deal, but you got $5 off all the used game prices AMAZING.

user95970821991d ago

Pretty much what he said. She where there was a specific game I wanted, I made sure everything was returned and that the game was the only thing in my queue. It's also important to know that gamefly ships games a day earlier than street date so you want to make sure your games are returned a couple days before the next one comes out.
As long as I can remember, there wasn't a time where I didn't get the game I wanted when I wanted it unless I just missed the launch completely. I also never had more than one game in my queue at a time. That's the key to making gamefly work.
Also, if someone else is paying for the membership like it was back when I was in high school, it's a great way to buy games. You get brand new games for 25% off and they'll ship you the case and any of the included dlc codes or online passes.

mikeslemonade1991d ago

I find the used game section on Gamefly more worth it. Time and time again there's one year old games that go for $9.99 to $14.99.

As far as the membership goes it's kind of exhausting. Sometimes you may want to play less games or play more games. And you find yourself playing games you wouldn't really want to play but you are trying to make the subscription worth it.

It seems like retailers are marking down games faster than usual such as when PS4 and X1 launched they had the Buy 2 get 1. Which is a good deal and then you can trade it back in. So what I do is buy games that I absolutely cannot wait and then the rest of the games I will wait one year and play for cheap on Gamefly used section.

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MikeGdaGod1991d ago

Gamefly has been great to me! i don't always get the new releases the same week they're released, but its been good enough.

i just received AC:BF and BF4 for ps4 today, but i just sent in GTAV and Diablo 3 Thanksgiving week....slight delay but I'd rather wait a week and play every game with no fear of money wasted, than pump out $60+ hoping i'll really like the game.

PS+ with 2 game out Gamefly sub= Win

to answer your question, when a game comes out that i really want, i just clear my que of everything but that (almost) everytime

Ac7iVe1991d ago

If you buy these games do you get the original case with it??

Soldierone1991d ago

Yes, the case is pretty much brand new just missing the plastic wrap on it. They also include any codes its supposed to come with, like online passes, which was a surprise to me.

Ac7iVe1991d ago

I have to have the cases lol I might buy stuff now