"Shark Tank" investors kind of ripped apart Oculus Rift accessory, Virtuix Omni

This past Saturday, venture capital investors on the panel of reality TV show, Shark Tank, were not that impressed by the Oculus Rift accessory Virtuix Omni.

As you can see in the video, the investors were a little harsh in addressing an idea that got a pretty good backing on Kickstarter

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Neonridr1989d ago

Very interesting to see a product like this appear on the show. And it's more interesting to see the valid points the Sharks bring up. Even though none of those guys really look like avid gamers.

While I can see myself using the Oculus Rift for extended periods, I agree that using the Omni for more than short bursts may prove problematic.

Patrick_pk441989d ago

I agree, the main problem is the whole package, which we'll be around a 800+ investment. Overall, all the products are great, but the costs aren't.

wsoutlaw871989d ago

ya im not sure why the title includes the rift. They didnt complain about the rift at all, just that it was separate and would make that package more expensive.

cyguration1989d ago

I don't care... I'm getting one. This is definitely made for the hardcore of hardcore gamers. I wouldn't expect the Sharks to back this kind of thing since it's entirely niche.

Neonridr1989d ago

so now the term hardcore refers to how many peripherals you simultaneously use while playing videogames?

Man I must be old. Hardcore gamers in my days referred to people who playing as many games as they could across multiple platforms..

memots1989d ago

That makes you and i old hardcore gamer with not enough hours in a day.

Scatpants1989d ago

I think in this case the term hardcore refers to people who are willing to shell out over $800 to play VR games. I whill be picking up a Rift, but I'm not so sure about this thing yet.

husomc1989d ago

it's a niche product. only a fraction of even hardcore gamers will be getting one.

aquamala1989d ago

yeah I saw this episode, they justify the company's valuation by saying "if 1 out of 20 Oculus Rift owners buy this then ... ", which is crazy, maybe 1 out of 2000 would want this.

IcicleTrepan1989d ago

I haven't seen the episode but that makes me think.. as an investor, how many owners do Oculus Rift have? Oh, it's not even available..

wolfsaviorzx1989d ago

Actually Developer versions are basically real versions just slightly bigger and lower res. But games will work on developer versions and the official retail version.

cesuf1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )


Since I doubt your an investor of any kind, free yourself of this hypothetical dilemma your milling over.

OrangePowerz1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I can understand why they wouldn't back it, it's expensive, requires additional devices, needs a lot of space and it's not practical for longer game sessions. Play a game like Skyrim for an hour like that and you will be quite exhausted or a twitch online FPS.

I'm sure it will have it's followers, but that will be a tiny amount of people.

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The story is too old to be commented.