John Carmack Talks About Doom 4: "id Software should do more things more often"

DSOGaming writes: "John claimed that this subject is something he can’t really go into much in detail, though he did reveal some tiny bit information about its development."

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KingDadXVI1990d ago

Please not another Doom game. I have good memories of my early adulthood tied up in Doom on the old 486 PCs and you keep ruining it by bringing out Doom shovel ware now. Please stop.

XiSasukeUchiha1990d ago

Dude think if Doom 4 is actually good would it rekindle those memories again?

frostypants1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Doom was great because it blew away anything else made till that point...AND it was shareware to boot (first episode was free). They'll be hard-pressed to re-create that feeling of insane innovation that you could play for free. Let Doom be Doom. I agree with KingDadXVI, they need to stop.

KingDadXVI1990d ago

It certainly would. That is why this scares me. I bought the Doom 3 and was thoroughly disappointed.

Here is a quote from Wiki on Doom 4 that scares me about it:

"In April 2013, Kotaku published an article describing Doom 4 as trapped in "development hell". Citing connections to id, the article claims that Doom 4 has suffered under mismanagement, and that development was completely restarted in 2011. Inside sources described the pre-2011 version, which was to portray the uprising of hell on Earth, as heavily scripted and cinematic, comparing it to the Call of Duty franchise. The pre-2011 version was criticized as mediocre, but the sources also described the new version as "lame" and a "mess."

Here is the link:

If they did a kick-ass job at it then that would be great but I refuse to get hyped for it this time.

Vladplaya1990d ago

Doom II Hell on Earth was released in 1994, Doom 3 was released in 2004, almost 10 years later and we still don't have Doom 4

What do you mean exactly "not another Doom game?

Hellsvacancy1990d ago

We're waaaaaaaaaaaaay over due for a new game Doom game

frostypants1990d ago

Because they should have stopped with the original. Every subsequent Doom has paled in comparison to the impact of the original. Same reason they should have stopped making Alien films.

Revolver_X_1990d ago

Dude, Doom II is still the best. I bought Doom BFG edition just for Doom I & II. Mainly II.

0ut1awed1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

What are you talking about King?

Sure Doom is a classic that I grew up and loved too. Maybe you're thinking of every other studio messing up reboots?

After Doom 3 became one of my favorite games of all time, I have no worry of that happening.

And Vladplaya said, it's been 10 years. They aren't exactly milking the series like your comment seems to imply.

Mr Tretton1990d ago

Doom 1 is overrated as hell.

And if you don't want another Doom, then don't play it.

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Roccetarius1990d ago

Doom 4 is probably along the lines of Duke Nukem and Half Life 3, amongst a few other games. Sadly, development hell is rarely good for the game.

AnotherProGamer1990d ago

Please make DOOM 4 like DOOM 1&2. I want it to be the fast paced action like the old ones not like DOOM 3 being a slow survival horror type game

cabbitwithscissors1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Id soft should innovate more, and come up with a different game. why is it always doom and wolfenstein. the last game rage didn't do much for me. pure fps no longer gives me pleasure. maybe it's me.