Ubisoft exclusive: 'Watch Dogs', 'The Division' and making brand decisions

Ubisoft is about to head into their 38th year as a company and over the years, they have brought some of the most memorable, entertaining gaming experiences of any company. Even now, when the organization inches closer to its 40th anniversary, they remain one of the most successful, influential publishers in gaming today.

So what are the steps and processes that Ubisoft takes when it comes to creating new brands and deciding on where to take existing franchises? had the opportunity to speak exclusively with Ubisoft North America President Laurent Detoc about these things and much more.

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Evilsnuggle1992d ago

I can't wait for the division. Hopefully for a deep crafting system

Ac7iVe1992d ago

I want a Ubisoft horror game franchise

WeAreLegion1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

U want zombies?

In all seriousness, ZombiU is pretty fun. :)

CrossingEden1992d ago

ZombieU is a pretty piss poor zombie game that's clearly padded out.

Ac7iVe1991d ago

Zombi u is for real gamers that appreciate not hving to gun down everything with endless amounts of ammo. Zombi u is one of the best survival horror games I've played in years.

stragomccloud1991d ago

Anyone who didn't like that game forgot what a survival horror game is supposed to be.

frozen-assets1992d ago

It's a curious thing. I never purchase Ubisoft games, they just don't suit my tastes, I checked their Wiki entry and the last Ubisoft game I bought was Heroes of Might and Magic V back in 2006.

Yet, I just picked up AC Black Flag (love it yarrrrrrrrrr) and my 2 most anticipated games next year are The Division and Watchdogs and will also closely be watching Child of Light.

In my little world Ubisoft are firing on all cylinders.

Thehyph1992d ago

They're trying new things, at least.

EA and Activision don't know how to do that anymore.