Zune problems for MSN customers

People who have bought music from Microsoft's MSN Music store could face problems if they decide to buy the firm's new Zune portable player.
Microsoft has said it will stop selling music from MSN music from 14 November, when Zune goes on sale in the US.

But in a move that could alienate some customers, MSN-bought tracks will not be compatible with the new gadget.

The move could also spell problems for the makers of MP3 players which are built to work with the MSN store.

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darktangent5385d ago

It has to be done if the Zune music service is going to move forwards as planned. They cannot use the regular old MSN music because any MP3 player that has the play for sure feature can be used with that service. I do fault M$ for not taking care of the MSN music supporters. They could have found someway of looking out for them.

DEIx15x85385d ago

They keep track of everyones purchases so they could have made something that when you register your new zune you enter your msn id and then it downloads all your purchased music as zune compatible. Since it is all Microsoft that should be legal and not cost anything more than the bandwidth.

highps35385d ago

Seems like no matter what M$ does it breaks or has some issue that needs to be updated.

pbo2m35385d ago

yeah and Sony products never fail. You're an idiot. Everything in life fails, no matter what you buy. So I guess that Lexus, BMW, MB, and all the other car manufactures are crap because they break down and have recalls. So before you go bashing a company and talking crap think before speaking.