Online passes: the king is dead, long live the social world order - opinion

Online passes look to have gone the way of the dodo. Brenna pauses in her celebratory cheerleading to ask why, and what might be coming in its place.

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nukeitall1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

I remember when people was supporting it despite it not providing any value what so ever.

What I found ironic is that the article like so many right now, completely ignore Sony's wrongs. The article is quick to criticize EA and Ubisoft for the Online Passes, yet ignore Sony whom is the first first party studios to fully support online passes.

This is a similar situation to when MS charged for online gaming, it was an issue and if premium features is what sold XBL Gold, why wasn't online play free, you know, like Sony?

Yet when Sony did it, it was just fine.

Double standards!

MS has their wrongs, Nintendo has their wrongs AND SONY HAS THEIR WRONGS. As gamers we need to criticize them all.

None of these companies are charities, so don't expect anything for free.

Also, the article should have praised Activision for keeping their games free of online passes the entire generation. Despite the hate, Activision has been the most straight forward in all of this.

XboxFun1991d ago

Exactly Nuke, I remember a lot of Sony supporters came out to say it didn't matter because they buy their games new anyways.

This site made it a point to down paying to play online but quickly dismissed Sony's online passes and now swept paying to play online under the rug now that Sony has made it mandatory.

Online passes was nothing more than a punishment for anyone who bought their games second hand, plain and simple. To me that is worse than any micro-transaction or DLC a company puts out.

DanielGearSolid1991d ago

Can't speak for everybody but... I think the consesus was all these companies were getting screwed by Gamestop and felt they deserved a cut of used sales. Sony was definitely getting bashed for it tho. Just because a few fanboys defended it I wouldnt say they were let off the hook.

nukeitall1991d ago

What I find ironic is when MS made a digital resale market for digital games, cutting out GameStop, they were lambasted for it while Sony praised.

Go figure!

Until today, nobody else allows digital resale of games so MS wouldn't just be the first console manufacturer to do it, but the first one ever.

slimeybrainboy1991d ago

+Well said

Nice username dude

Majin-vegeta1991d ago

Companies only hurt themselves in the process.

SuperSquirrel1991d ago

Good riddance indeed. Let's just hope publishers haven't cooked up something even more corrosive to go in it's place.

MajorLazer1991d ago

The kind of regicide I like ;)

lassenwolf1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

@ superSquirrel They have . micro transaction, free to play that isnt free, dlc that comes out day one, pre orders and then delay the game. Its all upfront money. And after paying for isp, psn plus or xbox gold,netflix, amazon,redbox, cable, and on and on they have you pay for subscription for certain mmo