Are PS4 companion apps a fad or the future? The debate

OPM: With more PS4 games using companion apps and second screen stuff to expand on their worlds or add new features, the Official PlayStation Magazine team debate whether this new way of playing represents the future of PlayStation 4 gaming or just a passing phase.

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LackTrue4K1986d ago

I think in game apps are the future, and not some cruddy phone game that shares the same name.

abzdine1986d ago

it's kinda slow because it's the first software version to be released, i think a couple updates will make it brilliant.
Enjoying to use my phone as touchscreen keyboard for PS4

Stsonic1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Fad. The companion app for AC4 is useless as you have to go into the map to get where you want to go anyway. The hidden treasure chest maps were quite useful for some I suppose but it's nothing 2 clicks of the the pad can't do.

I heard on need for speed you can repair your car on the go which is borderline cheating in my opinion. The racer career is messed up anyway, needing to repair your car every 3 minutes is stupid. I gave up on the game after I finished the cop career.

GryestOfBluSkies1986d ago

thats correct about nfs... you can repair or damage other racers or yourself.
im not a fan of the companion apps. i just want to play the game, but i need to use the app so im not at a disadvantage from everyone else

lsujester1986d ago

I don't know about NFS, but you can actually set waypoints on the AC4 companion app. Click and hold on the tablet screen, and the waypoint pops into the game. Not really any faster, but it does work.

Drekken1986d ago

I think it is cool as hell that I can check the latest warframe alerts without leaving my match and going to the main screen. It is just convenient.

RyanShutup1986d ago

I use the "Kenways Fleet" feature in the AC4 app. It's the same exact minigame that you can play on your ship ingame so when I'm bored I send my fleet out and when I pop the game in later I have thousands of dollars waiting for me from finished contracts. Pretty rad imo.

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Neonridr1986d ago

Depends on how well they implement them. Games like The Division show just how much potential there is for companion apps and second screens. Assuming they can pull it off properly of course.

If it's going to simply be a place to put a map or something, then people will quickly opt out of using it completely.

DanielGearSolid1986d ago

I think we need more time to call it

Pogmathoin1986d ago

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kneon1986d ago

Yup, stores like that are often your best bet when things are sold out because most people tend to go to the stores that are well known to sell games and consoles.

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