Sony Patent: Motion sensing cameras for your hands & feet tracking your moves on the dance floor.

Crazy new Sony patent for tracking your dance moves using motion sensing cameras that attach to your hands & feet sensing your every move with the help of the patterns on a dance mat.

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KingDadXVI3643d ago

Kinect 2.0 does this without attaching crap to your arms and legs.

Sony has lost the race in motion capture and their money would be much more wisely spent in drumming up some AAA first party games not chasing half baked crap that can't hold a candle to the competition. You have a good gaming console Sony stay focused on that.

The_Troll_Whisperer3643d ago

This is a patent, as in, they are just reserving this for themselves just in case(in what case, dont ask me)

Most patents don't ever get used, like the one patent two years ago that showed 2 PS Move-like controllers that can connect to each other for use as a gamepad.

That patent evolved to what is now today the DualShock4

iGAM3R-VIII3642d ago

AGreed I remmeber it was a detachable controller lool.

minimur123642d ago

There was a sony article recently on here about something called the iWIG, Johnathan blow tweeted it to shu

iGAM3R-VIII3642d ago

@above, it was a joke, you know a joke, it isn't real. ANd even if it is, it has to do with Sony Mobile Phones

whateva3643d ago

I'll tell you why because it's too slow & not accurate enough this would be more accurate & you would be able to control the game with your moves instead of the game controlling you.

KingDadXVI3642d ago

Because no one has developed one specifically for the Kinect 2.0 yet. They have already demoed the Kinects ability to track full body movement. Check the link and watch the demo video. Below the video is a list of the specs comparing the difference between the original Kinect and Kinect 2.0 that you get with the Xbox One.

They are apples and oranges. Kinect 2.0 can capture at 30fps in 1080p in any light conditions now and the latency is down to 20ms compared to the 102ms latency of the original Kinect.

whateva3642d ago

@KingDadXVI the Kinect camera is only 512 x 424 the RGB camera is 1080P but that's not for motion tracking. & 30FPS is one of the reasons why you don't see any dancing games being controlled by Kinect because 30FPS is too slow for tracking fast movements then filtering & smoothing the controls to use to control a avatar.

D-riders3642d ago

becuase a camera cant keep up with movements and register them as technical commands without serious lag. dont listen to king. his fanboysim keep him from being intellgent

TheKayle13642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

U have clearly no idea of what u r talking about... Better u check already what kfw (kinct 2 forwindows) is capable of

whateva3642d ago

@TheKayle1 I know a lot more than you & @KingDadXVI the latency is 60ms not 20ms stop with the lies. SMH

NukaCola3642d ago

Maybe I'm wrong but isn't Kinect dancing games just snapping shots of you lined up to a single frame? You really don't need to dance just be in the right position at the right time.

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Thatguy-3103642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Yet it's not accurate when implemented on games. Kinect is just broken promises and only is worth it to navigate UI with gestures and voice. Game wise it fails.

CrossingEden3642d ago

Dance central would like a word with you,

Nujabes_3642d ago

Spoken like someone who's never played with the Xbox One Kinect.

pyramidshead3642d ago

@Crossing Eden

The Fighter Within also wants a word with you.

KingDadXVI3642d ago

Believe what ever makes you feel good about your choice in you console. I have seen it used and it works. Your loss not mine.

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DeadManIV3642d ago

the fighter within is great.....

Sharky2313642d ago

Fighter within is great! I'll have what he's smoking! Lol!

DeadManIV3639d ago

It was sarcasm people, come on

mark134uk3642d ago

neither the kinect or ps4 camera are as accurate as it would be with sensors attached to parts of your body

i was playing just dance 14 the other day and the camera kept confusing me with the xmas tree (im not fat :) )

D-riders3642d ago

so let me get this right kinect is the end all be all for motion control. wth are you talking about? If what you are saying is true king dad then they should have never made a ps4 because in america nintendo dominated that market???

Brazz3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

yeah! kinetic 2 is the perfection of motion capture! nothing will ever be better than kinectic 2! look at Fighter Within on the Xbox one! it's almost as if i'm inside the game! it's the limit of evolution in mottion control!!! Sony will never make something better than kinect 2!!! Fighter Within is the definitive prove of this!!! the first game that make you almost be inside the game! all my movements are perfect, and kinect capture than 1:1, no! more than this! kinectic can fu!@#!@ see the future! it can even antecipate my future moves!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Death3642d ago

That's pretty much the same as saying Knack is as good as gaming gets on the PS4. The technology is still in it's infancy. It will take time for developers to use Kinect to it's fullest. At the very least it has a 100% attach rate which gives developers incentive to actually use it. The same can't be said for any other accessories since they will never have a 100% attach rate.

Can someone please explain why people still oomplain about this? Why wouldn't gamers want to see how gaming can evolve with additional controls?

Brazz3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

ya statment is true death, 100% kinect in X-1 is good but... are developers realy going to use it? you know, 100% of X-1 base isn't 100% of the market, i dare say that 100% X-1 isn't goint to be even near 40-50% of the market (maybe 25%), because WiiU/Pc/Ps4 have no kinect...
Kinect isn't a smart move core gamers, at least not now... casuals may like the thing, but hey, they already can do kinect things in a cheaper machine called Xbox 360...

KratosSaveUs3642d ago

Sony doesn't have to worry about Triple A games. They always win in that category. I find it funny how Xbots think they have exclusives now.

Blackdeath_6633642d ago

*cough* fighter within *cough* http://www.eurogamer.net/ar... *cough*

sorry winter cold is taking its toll on me

tarbis3642d ago

Like how M$ is supporting X360 with lots of exclusive games from this year to the next?
Oh, wait. It's PS3 that has lots of exclusive games this year and the next. Sorry for the mix up.

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JasonKCK3643d ago

I doubt Sony would ever go through with this. Attaching anything to your hands and feet would be a step back. These companies file crazy patents all the time and most never see the light of day.

darthv723642d ago

If you think of how motion capture works, it isnt that crazy.

If they made it where the whole body was truly a 1:1 setup then imagine the finer details that could be put into games that you almost feel compelled to move in by natural instinct.

the pseye and original kinect could have been capable for mo-cap with the right overlays. Being that the camera has something to really focus on and that gets translated into the digital counterpart.

But now the PS4eye and kinect 2 are even more capable in their own right and coupled with even better processing hardware should make for more realistic and interactive experience.