Yakuza Ishin New Video Shows Fancy Special Moves

Check out the latest video of Yakuza Ishin, the spin-off set in the late 19th century scheduled for PS3 & PS4.

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amnalehu1986d ago

Man, I gotta get to Japan...

Alexious1986d ago

I'm fairly sure that you're not referring to the possibility of playing Yakuza at launch...

amnalehu1986d ago

LOL. The game looks great also...

DCfan1986d ago

I was thinking about importing Kenzan, how is it?

GamersHeaven1986d ago

Day one on PS4 love the Yakuza franchise!

starchild1986d ago

I really hope they bring it to western markets. I would get it day one too.

paul-p19881986d ago

Wasn't there a Vita version of this game too? I really don't know which system to get it for lol

GamersHeaven1986d ago

Not that I am aware of PS3 and PS4 are the only platforms they announced it for.

Alexious1986d ago

No, you can only play some parts on Vita. Unless you are talking about Remote Play, which should be enabled for PS4.

Furesis1986d ago

the guy who was playing twist his head a little when playing haha.
i found that funny and the game looks fun

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