New eSports Channel to Unite the World of Competitive Gaming

GamerZines writes:

eSports is undisputedly one of the fastest growing competitive cultures on the planet with professional players of Starcraft 2, League of Legends, DOTA and Counterstrike earning literally millions of dollars during any given season, but with competitions split between different federations, territories and nations there’s never been a single umbrella company or media outlet which allows fans to get a snapshot of the whole eSports landscape rather than just a few disparate competitions here and there.

Today that changes, as prominent regional organisations Electonic Sports League (Europe), GameFy (China) and GomTV (Korea) are partnering up with a new entity known as the eSports Global Network (ESGN) to not only provide daily video coverage of what’s going on in the competitive scene but also cross-game ranking system.

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