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AnalogAddiction writes, "The best word to describe my experience with Knack is probably disappointing. From what we were first teased regarding Knack at E3, it had everybody intrigued. SCE Japan Studio showed off a brand new idea, with an interesting main character named Knack was thrust into a beautifully coloured world. It also gave people flashbacks to games like Crash Bandicoot or Ratchet & Clank. Unfortunately, Knack never reaches those heights."

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Killzoner991990d ago

Wow , so edgy giving Knack a 5/10. Click bait.

Jamiex661990d ago

He spoke to me during his time with the game and it got continuously worse as he went along.

I respect your opinion, but I can assure we score our games to help our readers choose wisely; not for clicks :)

ruefrak1990d ago

Knack's Quest for Android is now out and ready to play. Just in case anyone missed it.