Revealing The Details Of Destiny's Competitive Multiplayer

Game Informer:

At this point I think that people understand the big picture of Bungie's Destiny, you build your own character and go on an action-packed unified journey throughout our solar system. Our goal with the January cover reveal of Destiny is to fill in some of the details on this ambitious and grandiose adventure. I sat down with Bungie's Lars Bakken, the multiplayer lead for Halo 3 and one of the creators of Firefight, to dive into details on Destiny's competitive multiplayer.

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KingKelloggTheWH1992d ago

I really hope they add some sort of MM, and BTB like modes.

slampunk1992d ago

Can't wait for this game!!!! Long live bungie.

solidsheep1992d ago

It would be cool if you can allow people to invade your game, kinda like demon souls.

Fiestabrian1992d ago

That goes against the whole theme of this game

solidsheep1992d ago

What's the theme of the game?

HeavenlySnipes1991d ago

I actually don't know what this game is about either

All I know is that it looks like Borderlands mixed with Halo and I'd like to play it

Fiestabrian1991d ago

The theme to the game is to cooperatively defend the last city nod to explore into the reaches of the lost civilization. You can do everything mission with up to two others and join public events where a group of guardians will combat a large group of enemies. The only time you would go against each other is in friendly competition within the last city for the spoils and glory

modesign1992d ago

people were total D-bags in demon souls, so no, invading your game is a bad idea.

Xer0_SiN1992d ago

this game seems like it has some rpg overtones to it.

KAEM71992d ago

yes and if implemented well it could be amazing. I am only a bit worried about activision's moneygrabbing mentality might screw this game over... (I really hope I am wrong)

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