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Stevivor's Matt Gosper writes, "Over the past few years, it’s become fairly common to see companion games released alongside Ubisoft’s flagship Assassin’s Creed titles. Previous instalments like Altair’s Chronicles or Assassin’s Creed II: Bloodlines have acted as direct extensions of the main games’ protagonists, whilst Liberation on the Vita introduced an entirely new playable Assassin in the form of the charming Aveline de Grandpre. Assassin’s Creed: Pirates is another slightly different step for these side titles, taking place as a sort of prequel to Black Flag – but not starring an Assassin. Pirates tells the story of Alonzo Batilia, a pirate not affiliated with the Assassins or Templars in the Golden Age of piracy. His story revolves around the hunt for the lost treasure of French pirate La Buse."

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CursedHero1987d ago

A nice review by Matt! Well-done ;-)

Chaser34551986d ago

Lets just go to WW2 trying to assassinate hitler with the secret help of certain Germans

Incipio1986d ago

WWII is more suited to an espionage/underground/spy sorta game. Assassin's Creed gameplay works well pre-20th century.

American Civil War would be cool for the next game setting.

I've seen suggestions for Ancient Egypt as well. Or even one set in the city of Troy. There's a bunch of cool time periods and locales to choose from.