Sony security mages respond to possible rogue activity

WASDuk reports on the latest convening of the circle of Sony security mages

Malice-Flare3583d ago

heh. but, then if you have CC info in any online service it's a good idea to change passwords every month...

thank goodness for prepaid cards...

Arkworthy3583d ago

True enough. It's almost commonplace for people to get e-mail services hacked these days, and nobody bats an eyelid.

The Great Melon3583d ago

The presentation of this news made my day.

mechlord3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

"words of calling"

lmao! for the hell of it, ima change mine right now

Arkworthy3583d ago

But do so with care, citizen, for the reaches of black villainy are onto thine game of taking an existing word of calling, and adding 1 to the end of it.

extermin8or3583d ago

If chanfing your password means adding a 1 on the end to you-your an idiot lol and deserve to have your accoujtbhacked for being so simple-personally ibuse anagrams of simikar passwords but with the letters and numbers jumbled up ;) (as well as knew sequences of numbers after the word/words)

Arkworthy3583d ago

If you were all that smart, you wouldn't have told everyone in this thread that all your passwords are anagrams of each other.

Megaton3583d ago

I don't store my CC info anywhere online, but I won't even use my card on the PSN anymore. Bought my PS+ and PS store credit in person with cash.


Sony Claims It Delisted The KoTOR Remake Trailer Due to Music License Expiring

Sony has attempted to clarify its recent removal of social media posts related to the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake.

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porkChop11h ago

I've never heard of a trailer being delisted due to music licensing.

MrNinosan8h ago

Happens all the time, and even games get de-listed for same reason (GTA, Tony Hawk etc)

Blaze9295h ago

all the time? What other trailers has this happened to? Videos get re-uploaded 100x over, there's no way everyone complies.

bradfh2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

YouTube enforces strict copyright rules. Even PewDiePie, who owns the rights to "B*tch Lasagna," had his video taken down.

mkis00711h ago

I mean if it was canceled they would say it right? What would be the reason to not say it at this point. And if they have as much control as it's claimed, why would they cancel it over just releasing it eventually?

Becuzisaid10h ago

Did they ever admit that Agent from Rockstar was cancelled?

EvertonFC10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

Do rockstar still owe Sony a game with the LA Noire situation? Obviously it was supposed to be "Agent".
My guess is Sony will try and get a 1 year exclusive deal for GTA 6 maybe for the game they owe them unless that's been sorted ages ago.

slate9110h ago

1 year GTA exclusivity because of Agent. 😂. Some things never change.

Eonjay10h ago

I'm not sure how much control Sony has given that it's just a timed exclusive.

talocaca6h ago

Waiting for the updated trailer with new music then 🥰

(Obviously being sarcastic, this game is dead)

Hofstaderman5h ago

Please let this game still be happening. Even better give it to a Sony studio.

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Ransomed.vc group claims hack on ‘all of Sony systems’

CYBER SECURITY CONNECT writes: "Relative ransomware newcomers have claimed to have succeeded in what could be a devastating ransomware attack on global entertainment giant Sony.

Ransomed.vc has only been operating since September, despite some links to previous forums and groups. However, in that time, the group has racked up an impressive number of victims – and Sony is one of them."


Admin note: This may or may not have anything to do with PlayStation specifically, but as they claim to have hacked 'all of Sony systems' we'll include it as part of the rumor and allow it on N4G until it is made more clear the level of information obtained.

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gold_drake7d ago


alright, moving on