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GamesFiends' Zeth finally get hands on with Resogun in this in-depth review.

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DarkBlood1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

ugh just one more trophy left witch is the multiplyer one i was so close i got up to about 12 something and then a screw up happen so i rage and hulk smash lol.

the complete a master level trophy was bad enough as it is :P

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FamilyGuy1989d ago

I got that on my second attempt, hardest for me was beating Experienced without losing all my lives. Kept getting screwed over somehow.

I'm still Playing Resogun though, trying to be in at least the top 50 for every high score chart other than co-op and Hero.

Outsider-G1990d ago

Great game and was fun to platinum.