Mysterious Jet Set Radio (PS Vita) Listing Arrives on Best Buy Website

A source close to TVL has informed us that a brand-new listing has popped up on Best Buy Canada’s website for Jet Set Radio on PlayStation Vita, and while it is true that the game is currently available for Sony’s handheld – it’s solely available as a digital download.

The posting of the mysterious listing leaves us with more questions than answers at this point, though there are some important points to consider in regards to its meaning.

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admiralvic1991d ago

This is probably just a digital game. The US store sells them via the storefront and it stands to reason that this would just be that.

kayoss1991d ago

The digital version is already available for the ps vita.

admiralvic1991d ago


They could be implementing a digital code system in the CA sector, similar to what already exists on the US side. Since they still haven't implemented all the parts (also why other games might not be listed), it looks like a genuine listing, instead of a new title or something more complex.

BrianSharon1990d ago

Yes, but the physical is not. Best Buy Canada does not sell digital codes.

BrianSharon1991d ago

You very well could be correct, which is why I did list it as a possibility in the article - however I have three questions that must be posed if that's the theory that you're accepting:

1) Why Jet Set Radio?
2) Why Now?
3) Why not any other (or more recent) titles?

admiralvic1990d ago

Why Jet Set Radio?

BB in the US sells a lot of PS1 titles, so it's not like I expect them all to be the most recent of titles.

Why Now?

Couldn't this question be asked about any aspect of the rumor? I mean, it has been 11 years since the last Jet Set Radio title and we only got the recent HD port because people wanted to play it and Sega was porting other Dreamcast games (none of which lead to a new title).

Even then, the Vita version came out months after the console version and I would assume the Vita would not be their first choice for a new Jet Set Radio.

Why not any other (or more recent) titles?

Did you go down a list confirming that there ARE no other digital only titles listed on BB? I didn't and I assume you didn't either. I assume BB just listed either a random game or one they didn't think anyone would notice and thats why it appears.

BrianSharon1990d ago

Admiralvic -

I did actually research and there are no other digital only titles available on the website. Read the article.

XiSasukeUchiha1990d ago

Could be a new Jet Set Radio perhaps?

dcj05241990d ago

I guessing Jet Set Radio FUTURE but a new one is 100% welcome.