Holiday Profile: Sony

Read Next-Gen's candid interview with SCEA's Jack Tretton, as he talks frankly about PS3 supplies, Blu-ray diodes, retailers, the media, publishers and rivals. To coin a phrase, the next generation begins right here…

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DJ4453d ago

I actually didn't realize that Sony's the #1 seller of HDTVs (I just remembered them being 3rd or 4th a while back). Tretton's right about American media in that journalists only like to concentrate on the negative aspects, and tend to ignore the positive ones.

His statement "If all three platforms failed but we failed less than the other two I would not cheer ‘well at least we beat those guys!" makes a lot of sense. It's good to see that Sony sees themself as their greatest competition and want to do even better than last generation.

You can tell he still loves to mention this little figure: "PlayStation 2 is outselling Xbox 360 for the year; we’re out-selling Xbox 360 month after month. The same machine that beat the Xbox in 2001 is beating the Xbox 360 in 2006. That’s amazing and that’s big news, but you don’t read a lot about that."