Ready At Dawn: Graphic fidelity of The Order 1886 "definitely exceeds the trailer"

Andrea Pessino of Ready At Dawn talks on twitter about where the order 1886 currently stands!

alejandroelputo3465d ago

I watched the lame VGX hoping for a gameplay trailer :/

Hatsune-Miku3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

paragraph 3 on topic @ sentence 2

Sony will teach them bringing forth games with technological feat and advancements never seen before. Sony with the PlayStation have been setting trends since inception. Sony dominates every gen with the majority of excellent exclusive titles that radiates above the other play-play games available exclusively and multiplatform titles on other gaming systems.

To be off topic, while others are yelling abuse for their systems to turn on sony ps4 gamers will have proper games to play that are above things available for other gaming systems.

I cant wait for infamous second son. The order 1886 will be an awesome game judging by the devs history and from what ive seen the graphics is representative of high production value which should be an indication of high fidelity in other areas ofthegame . I cant waitfor it

cleft53465d ago

I share your pain, at least No Man's Sky looked really cool.

Blackdeath_6633465d ago

*facepalm* i told you guys time and time again they even said they wouldn't show anything at VGX before hand and yet you sat and watch through that 3 hour cringefest

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME3465d ago

yeah, was hoping for this and uncharted 4 :(

Reibooi3465d ago

This is easily one of my most anticipated games that has been announced. It looks so awesome and we have seen so little of it.

If it lives up to what I think the game will be in my mind(which it likely will based on the few things the devs have said about it) it's going to be awesome. It's gonna suck waiting for it for awhile.

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Tsar4ever013465d ago

Yeah, I'll believe it when YOU SHOW US, not gonna take your word R.A.D.

wastedcells3465d ago

Sony seems to be keeping some huge games undercover. Maybe for a huge e3? But some game play for the order, uncharted, Sony santimonica game and yes the last guardian would be so nice right now.

assdan3465d ago

I'm gonna be a little pissed if I don't see something by January.

kingPoS3464d ago

Better find a restroom then. lol

But seriously we've been this wait game for years on end, it's nothing unexpected. Though... I am hoping they'll make due at CES 2014... hoping.

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Soc53464d ago

Exactly, show us the goods. And I don't think it's wise to set themselves up like that saying its better than the trailer. If its not they will never live it down. Like the killzone cgi incident.

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LOGICWINS3465d ago

Obviously. I'd be shocked if there was no improvement visually since E3.

brometheos3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

Everyone thought the E3 trailer was pre rendered. A bunch of journalists/ websites reported it as pre rendered during the reveal.

LOGICWINS3465d ago

Whose "everyone"? It looked like gameplay from my perspective.

LOGICWINS3465d ago

Ya don't say? Wow, thats pretty dissapointing then.

Sarcasm3465d ago

Wait, I thought it was pre-rendered too.

Holy crap... now I understand the hype.

Prime1573465d ago

Even though the trailer says, "running on in game engine?"

That's liable. I doubt any studio would risk that. Who are these so-called journalists? Bloggers and journalists are very different.

buffig3465d ago

Just so everybody knows, "in engine" doesn't mean in game. You could render out the animated sequence using the engine but with each frame taking several seconds to render. You could even use a high end PC to render the visuals "In engine" as all it means is that you were using the graphics engine to render the visuals. The idea that the game looks better than that is astonishing. Game informer have stated that it is the best looking game they have ever seen. If you aren't excited by that, then you shouldn't be here

whybag3465d ago

According to Game Informer (read:huge pinch of salt), Ready at Dawn demonstrated this being in-game type footage by moving light sources during the scene and showing it wasn't pre-rendered.

Would like to see more footage and fewer promises to that effect though.

solidt123464d ago

I have a feeling that this game will be this generations Gears of War (not literally). Meaning that it will be the first game this gen that clearly looks much better than last gen and sets the bar.

Oh yeah almost forgot that Infamous Second Son will be here first. Well this will be the second

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MidnytRain3465d ago

Is there gameplay I don't know about? Everything I've seen so far could have easily been bull.

MidnytRain3465d ago

I consider myself a realist.

GarrusVakarian3465d ago

Yeah, there is a dev diary where you clearly see actual gameplay numerous times.

Ive tried to find it time and time again but i just can't. It was posted here months ago, but its disappeared.

Rainstorm813465d ago

gameinformer had it on one of their covers and it had tons of in game images

plaZeHD3465d ago

Here is a tiny bit of gameplay. The game is not even on alpha stage and it looks just as good.

Pro_TactX3464d ago


No, you are being a cynic. Given the track records of Ready at Dawn and Sony Santa Monica, there is no reason why a realist would expect anything less than a quality game. Realists are in touch with reality. You are just being unnecessarily negative.

solidt123464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Thanks @plaZeHD there was a split second of gmeplay shown. I never seen that video before.


I could watch that all day.

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1nsomniac3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

I'll get loads of disagrees for this probably because i'm a realist & not a fanboy, but I havnt seen 1 single game that has matched up to any of the preview videos from E3 etc..

The closest one was Killzone obviously which was pretty close but apart from that none of them PS4 or Xbone were near their targets.

...and yes all footage that has been shown to the public at least for The Order have been target renders as it is with all games.

MidnytRain3465d ago

Lots of people with blindfolds and closet shrines on this website I've noticed.

621infamous3465d ago

No video game has matched it's preview... Not even InFamous: Second Son??? If I remember correctly, GG said that they have surpassed the preview for Killzone: Shadow Fall

lobocob3465d ago

i'm going to agree with you because forza does not look nearly as good as it looked at e3. fun, though

1nsomniac3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

@621infamous actually you might be right, infamous certainly looks like it might do it although it's not released yet. Hopefully it'll prove me wrong.

In regards to GG though it's easy for developers to say it looks better than the pre footage, they say it all the time look at Turn10 & Forza for example. Killzone was definitely close but it didn't match the reveal trailer.

KratosSaveUs3465d ago

What are you talking about ? Shadow Fall looked better than it did at E3. Did you see the latest InFamous Second Son trailers and screen shots ? They look much better than they did at E3. Look at the latest Drive Club gameplay that games looks 100x better then it did at E3,and it makes that Forza 5 look like a current gen game.

thekhurg3465d ago

Killzone's final build surpassed everything that was shown at E3.

Higher polygon count characters, better lighting, more particle effects and a higher framerate for single player.

Perhaps *YOU* didn't like the new character models, but most people (including the developers) considered them a graphical upgrade.

Sounds to me like you're just a chronic complainer.

plaZeHD3465d ago

Saying you're a realist doesn't make you a realist. I mean c'mon you think Killzone: Shadow Fall looked better in the demos, when in reality it looks better now.
And you call yourself a realist.

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TheDarpaChief3465d ago

While im sad kojima is seemingly selling out to xbox (Just read on neogaf there is going to be more news tomorrow, im horrified) These studios still give me hope as a gamer. LETS GO TEAM SONY! Show these money monetizing bitches how its done!

minimur123465d ago

well Ready At Dawn studios aren't even sony first party, they're independant but decide to make playstation only games... kinda like Quantic Dream :)

staticdash223465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

I don't blame kojima honestly. He's just taking another turn in his career, and reaching out more to another audience. He still respects the Sony fanbase, but he's trying to grow the MGS brand, nothing personal, its all business. Like he said, he's gotten a little tired of the console wars.

I do believe that the high amount of sales for the PS4 is making ready at dawn very happy. One of the members did say that they were taking a risk by being exclusive, but I think seeing the demand for the PS4, they should be able to break even and make a nice profit once the game releases.

Gremdude3465d ago

That's called second party. Just saying

brometheos3465d ago

Metal Gear isn't Metal Gear without David Hayter, that's all I'm saying. Hideo has taken some disappointing turns lately.

TheDarpaChief3465d ago

The voice acting gives big boss his own character. Way too many times were people mixed up between him and snake. Im still very much excited it just bugs me we (PS players) and hell even xbox players got lowballed with exclusive content on each platform. So far thats my only gripe but a pretty big one.

Imalwaysright3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

"Metal Gear isn't Metal Gear without David Hayter"
I didn't know that David was the creator of MGS. I also didn't know that David had a bigger role on the MGS series other than just lending his voice to Snake. Oh wait... that is because he doesn't. Snake will do and say what Kojima wants him to do and say just like in all previous MGS games so yeah MGS would always be MGS with or without Hayter.

PoSTedUP3465d ago

i disrespectfully agree, **** you for reminding me.... -_-

XD... :(

HiddenMission3465d ago


WTF are you talking about iconic voice actors are more important than you can even imagine.

It's like changing an actor out well into a movie series...look at all the movies that have done that and seen major downgrade in the quality and fan reception.

Take it like this if you changed Nolan North out for Mark Wahlberg for Nathan Drake after the 1st 3 you think Mark can deliver the same quality of experience? The answer is hell no.

Same goes for the MGS5 situation...just saying.

Imalwaysright3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

WTF am I talking about? That is something I should say when I see someone saying that MGS isn't MGS just because Hayter isn't voicing Snake and is reducing MGS quality to Hayter.

Is Hayter the one responsible for creating MGS? No

Is he responsible for the MGS Story? No

Is he responsible for creating Snake and all the other great characters in the MGS universe like The Boss and Ocelot? No

Does he have any input in developing the character that is Snake like Ashley Jonhson had with Ellie from TLoU or Nolan North for the Drake? Oh hell no. He never did mo-cap for Snake and if there is any voice actor that can help develop Snake is Akio Ōtsuka.

Is he responsible for MGS gameplay mechanics? No

Is he responsible for the level design? No

Is he responsible for the art style? No

Is he responsible for directing the game? No

Is he responsible for producing MGS? No

Is Hayter repleaceble? YES

As a MGS fan that loves the series and as someone that feels that MGS3 is the best game ever, it pisses me off to see supposed MGS fans reducing the quality of the series to Hayter and believe me, Snake will do and say what Kojima wants him to, just like in ALL the previous MGS games.

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CrossingEden3465d ago

Omg grow the hell up and stop whining about kojima not being a sony fanboy. Seriously, why is this person even still able to post when all he's been doing all day is whining about xb1.

G20WLY3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

Practice what you preach... ;)

Imalwaysright3465d ago

Sony fanboys believe that Kojima owns them something. They don't know anything about MGS because if they did, they would know that pretty much every MGS game is multiplatform.

HiddenMission3465d ago

@CrossingEden and @Imalwaysright

Well it's not Sony fanboys that are complaining about everything that Kojima is doing it's series loyalists that are.

He's changing cannon and actors to make the game more acceptable to a wider audience. By that I mean he is keeping the shell of the IP/cannon/universe and altering it to those that know nothing of his work or video games in general.

When you start changing cannon it's because you ran out of ideas or the story has run it's course. When you start swapping out your actors for bigger names it's simply to get more mainstream media attention.

Those might make good business decisions but it's very much a double edge blade. In one hand you bring new blood into the community and in the other you water down the experience while losing some of your original supporters.

This move could easily backfire...with a new generation and other amazing games to play these changes could lead many to pass on the game due to other more appealing offerings.

Just my take on the subject matter.

HighResHero3465d ago

Doesn't the new MGS have health regen anyway?

wishingW3L3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

and markers and see through walls and tons of other casual stuff. Kojima's on a journey to expand the series' fanbase at all cost.

Snakefist303465d ago

Expanding the series and fanbase will be the downfall of MGS series.

pyramidshead3465d ago

The 'more news tomorrow' part was said by the Konami guy to be not Xbone related.

Hercules1893465d ago

This is whats annoying about sony fanboys when a company that use to be exclusive for sony goes multiplatform its a betrayal. But when a company like Bungie goes multiplatform you will not see anybody call them a betrayer.

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McScroggz3465d ago

I'm really excited for this game. What RAD is trying to do with soft body physics and all that jazz is really exciting, and I wouldn't classify myself as a graphics whore in the least. However, I do hope that in trying to develop a new engine for a new console that The Order's gameplay doesn't suffer.

Still - beautiful graphics. Interesting setting. Creative weapons. I can only hope this game lives up to its potential.

mediate-this3465d ago

Its okay to be into graphics, graphics help with immersion. We live in a time where graphics, gameplay and story telling should all be top tier.