‘’ really needs to stop publishing articles about video games

For anyone lucky enough not to have stumbled onto, it is a online liberal publication that specializes in giving any Berkeley educated radical the opportunity to cry about social and political issues that no one cares about. So to no surprise they have published several ill-written articles that have been very critical of the video game industry and culture. However unlike their typical crybaby banter; none of the writers could be considered experts because most of them admit to not having actually played the video games they are discussing. Gamer should not silently sit aside while gives a voice to fake gamers who are slandering the culture.

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wtopez1994d ago

I rather like articles about games that are written by people who don't play a lot or at all even. It's like when that woman went on the news claiming Mass Effect was a sex simulator. She might have believed that she was poking a small anthill to get some attention. Instead she poked the demon-shark-cthulhu-bear hybrid entity known as the gamer collective and her Amazon book reviews showed the result of that.

stanr1994d ago

The difference between Fox and Salon is the staff at Fox admits they are not gamers. Meanwhile the writers for Salon claim to be real gamers only their either casual gamers or just liars.

Nintenja1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

That's just liberals in general. They are "experts" at everything.

Though debates usually end in name calling and ad hominom attacks. :p

MestreRothN4G1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

You just gave them a lot of attention.

Not only this. You also have guaranteed that the same people posting stuff from Zolygon and Zotaku will echo their content.

Sites are moved by hits. You can't fight them giving them buzz and hits.

cyphertech1994d ago

"Liberal" publications are the only publications that aren't blaming video games for mass shootings.

Muadiib1994d ago

And liberals want to ban guns which is far more sinister.

ShaunCameron1993d ago

They already banned masculinity and maleness in Sweden in the name of "gender equality."

Nintenja1994d ago

Yea they do. You just aren't paying attention.

I have had the nanny of liberal media on my Facebook page for years. MSNBC has blamed games for all kinds of crap.

TheGOODKyle1994d ago

"I’m also well-educated enough to know that games like Call of Duty and Battlefield are also works of propaganda used to glorify the military"

Apparently not educated enough and stopped reading after that even after I gave you the benefit of the doubt using political terms you clearly don't understand.

ElementX1994d ago

I think 90% of the so called "gaming journalists" should stop writing gaming articles for their lame websites. We don't need 1000 websites posting the same information.

MestreRothN4G1994d ago

Why would they stop?

People at N4G love to give them buzz and hits.

stanr1993d ago

You have described most news sites. Besides I could not find another article like this any where else.

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