Sackboy Claus Coming as Free DLC for LittleBigPlanet this Christmas

Ti’s the season to not only jolly, but also to be generous – and as a gift to liven up the holidays the folks behind LittleBigPlanet are giving away a free Santa costume; just in time for Christmas.

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XiSasukeUchiha1992d ago

Nice novelities but still kind cute though

fredrikpedersen1992d ago

Wouldn't really call this news, it's been there every christmas since 2008 now.

BrianSharon1992d ago

If you got a free thing once a year, it wouldn't be called news? I don't get that logic.

admiralvic1992d ago

Because you don't understand the statement.

This costume, along with the other holiday costumes, have been relisted, for free, on the PSN since 2008. They do this every year and and it really isn't news when it happens.

BrianSharon1992d ago

I do understand, but I disagree. Just because some people know, doesn't mean its not news worthy.

IronChefWong1992d ago

They re-release the same holiday themed free costumes every year. They've had turkey costumes for thx giving, chinese new year outfits, st. patricks day, 4th of july statue of liberty, the christmas ones, just to name a few.

BrianSharon1992d ago

Yep - and it's great that they do!

However don't take these free gifts for granted because they could one day stop coming.

Moreover despite the fact that we/you know about previous giveaways - doesn't make them less relevant. There are a ton of new PlayStation owners (PS3/Vita) every day, and they deserve to know what's available as much as anyone else.

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